KUBARK Manual: A User’s Guide to Torture? – The KUBARK manual was written by the CIA in the s as a means of standardizing interrogation techniques. This manual cannot teach anyone how to be, or become, a good Its purpose is to provide guidelines for KUBARK interrogation, and. “An environment still more subject to control, such as water-tank or iron lung, is even more effective,” the KUBARK manual concludes.

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There is indeed a torture manual and the CIA literally wrote it. He is frequently a daredevil who compensates for his anxiety by pretending that there is no such thing as danger. The screening report itself is brought to life, the type becomes an individual, as the subject talks. It consists of no more than obtaining needed information through responses to questions.

Manuais KUBARK

Kubatk didn’t you say so in the first place? Any link to a group or country will be undependable and, as a rule, transitory.

Sometimes he seems unable to distinguish reality from the realm of his own creating. If he is immediately aggressive, he imposes upon the first interrogation session and to a diminishing extent upon succeeding sessions too arbitrary a pattern.

As a rule, the best way for the interrogator to keep the relationship on an even keel is to maintain the same quiet, relaxed, and open-minded manuzis from start to finish. There is an interval — which may be extremely brief — of suspended animation, a kind of psychological shock or paralysis. A User’s Guide to Torture?

He often carries around shiny coins, keepsakes, a bunch of keys, and other objects having for himself an actual or symbolic value. The safer the topic, the more voluble the source. If possible, audio equipment should also be used to transmit maniais proceedings to another room, used as a listening post.

  IEC 61310-1 PDF

After this investigation, the Department of Defense discontinued the use of the manuals, directed their recovery to the extent practicable, and destroyed the copies in the field. Not the reaction but a failure to report it would be evidence of a lack of professionalism. Click here to cancel reply. On the other hand, the interrogator who manuaie understand these facts and who knows how to turn them to his advantage may mankais need to resort to any pressures greater than those that flow directly from the interrogation setting and function.

Therefore it is wrong to open a counterintelligence interrogation experimentally, intending to abandon unfruitful approaches one by one until a sound method is discovered by chance.

The aim is to enhance this effect, to disrupt radically the familiar emotional and psychological associations of mamuais subject. Manuxis against a single cellmate may sometimes be broken down if he shows the source a hidden microphone that he has “found” and suggests that they talk only in whispers at the other end of the room.

Designed as an aid for interrogators and others immediately concerned, it is based largely upon the published results of extensive research, including scientific inquiries conducted by specialists in closely related subjects.

KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation

But even if the source has no further value after his fund of information has been mined, spending some extra time with him in order to replace his new sense of emptiness with new values can be good insurance. Is there a torture manual? The examination of his bona fidesaccordingly, is often less searching. The anxious, self-centered character is usually manuqis vain and equally sensitive.


Defectors of this type feel aggrieved because their desires were not satisfied in their countries of origin, but they soon feel equally deprived in a second land and turn against its government or representatives in the same way. A seems to be pretty angry with you — feels that you got him into this jam.

U.S. Army and CIA interrogation manuals – Wikipedia

kubarm When the claim is ignored or denied, the exceptions become rebellious, as adolescents often do. The New York Times ]. These in turn produce unnatural pauses, meaningless ukbark designed to give the speaker more time, or other interruptions. Caballero said CIA instructors taught him to discover what his prisoners loved and what they hated, “If a person did not like cockroaches, then that person might be more cooperative if there were cockroaches running around the room” [11] The methods taught in the manual and those used by Battalion in the early s show unmistakable similarities.

As interrogation sources, optimistic characters respond best to a kindly, parental approach.

As is true of all craftsmen, some interrogators are more mmanuais than others; and some of their superiority may be innate. Termination for any reason other than the first is only temporary. The skilled interrogator can save a great deal of time by understanding the emotional needs of the interrogates. The kind and intensity of anticipated resistance is estimated.