Mantra pushpam is a Vedic prayer chanted towards the end of most poojas. Traditional Meaning: The following is repeated several times by. This great mantra is taken from Taithreeya Aranyakam () of Yajur Veda. It is one of the most famous of all veda mantras and remains quite popular till date. Yopam pushpam veda, Ayatanavan bhavati, Mantra pushpam yajur veda verses with meanings, Mantra pushpam describing source of water.

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One who knows that Brahman Pure Consciousness is the support of all experiences gets established in the Brahman-state. He is a heap of waters. All these experiences, Vaasanaa fulfillments and the pains gone through as the ego; all these are caused by the ignorance-level of the Jeeva. He will in no time melt off into the Para Brahman state and stay as the Self.

He who knows the flower of the waters. One who knows that Brahman Pure Consciousness is the support of all experiences gets established in the Brahman-state. To give a quick intro, this Mantra is found in “Taithreeya Aranyakam” of Yajurveda. I had been searching for a detailed meaning of this mantra since then,today after 7 years after he asked me i have been able to find the detailed meaning.


This one fireburning like this in the support of waters.

Mantra pushpam

This mantra is taken from the Taittiriya Aranyakam of the Yajur Veda. He is unaffected by the experiences.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. It is conscious of the sensations because of the witness-consciousness, supporting it. Mind also is of the nature of waxing and waning.

Vaasanaa-fulfillment experience alone forms the basis of the limited existence of a Jeeva the year. Sign Keaning to earn Badges. Posted by narayanalakshmi at Fire goes on consuming more and more experiences and suffers because of delusion Life of a person in a physical form is based on the nature of the experiences one has.

Mantra Pushpam in English With Meaning – Temples In India Information

What is the support of these experiences? Vaayu helps the consciousness to perceive the objects of the world. It is the medium which connects the changeless Brahman to the changing patterns of the world.

He who knows this becomes endowed with the flower, progeny, and animals. Jun 19, Add to Spiritual Diary. One who knows this becomes established in a state of realization. It is the silence of all sense perceptions along with the mind and the intellect.


Mantra Pushpam in English With Meaning

He who burning like this knows the support. This contact principle alone causes the experiences to unfold.

And the creation is there for fulfilling the experiences; or Vaasanaa-fulfillments. This continuum of experiences alone is the life lived by us from birth to the death of the body.

Praana is present because the experiences are to be unfolded.

Samvatsara is the time-frame inside which, a Jeeva identified with the physical body goes through the six-fold changes of birth, youth, growth, old age, decay, and death, like a year has the six seasons as its counterparts.

A human being is thus just a collection of experiences. Samvatsara is the measure of time. Regards Bharathi Like Like.