Mallam Sile can represent the color Dark blue because Sile is very smart and he knows what he wants. Plus he got the strive to be successful. “Mallam Sile” by Mohammed Naseehu Ali was short listed in for the Caine Prize. Of the eleven Caine stories I have read it is clearly in. 13 dez. Exposition Conflict Resolution Mallam Sile is a lonely man, who owns a tea shop on Zongo street in Kumasi, Ghana. Mallam was treated poorly.

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Share your story with us: Mallam Sile was still engaged in his morning zhikr, or meditation, when Abeeba returned to the shack, and of course had no inkling of what had taken place.

Come and separate the fight, o! He danced his feet, swung his arms, and moved his chest sideways, like true boxers did. So glad you found my blog through the Weekly Blog Hop. The usual tactic boys used when fighting girls mal,am to try and strip them of the wrapper around their waist, knowing that they would be reluctant to keep fighting half-naked.

His right cheek was smeared with dried drool, and whitish mucus gathered at the ends of his eyes. Half of them called out Piri pirin pi, while the other half responded, Wen son! Meanwhile Abeeba continued sle offensive. Her voice was coarse and full of menace. Abeeba grabbed the door knob and tried to force it open.

Prior to that, Abeeba had tried amicably to collect the money Samadu owed mallam, which was 80 cedis. An hour later, when mallxm were preparing to open the teashop for their customers, Abeeba announced that Samadu had paid the money he owed them.


But soon after the fight erupted he realised that Abeeba was a lot quicker than he had presumed, as she managed to dodge the first five punches he had thrown at her. Men, come out o! You rubbish heap of a man!

Mallam Sile by Bernice Burns on Prezi

She jumped quickly on top of him and began to whack him violently. Samadu knew immediately that mlalam he engaged Abeeba in a wrestling match, she would use her bulky mass to force him to the ground.

He would be the loser in the end. I love that you’ve been reading all of the Caine Prize short stories, I really should read more of them myself as the ones that I have read have been good.

Mallam Sile

But Abeeba insisted that she must see the tough guy. A few seconds later the door swung open, and Samadu stormed out, his siile clearly showing the anger and red malice that was in his heart. But Sile had quickly cautioned his wife: She checked to make sure the amount was up to 80 cedis before she finally released Samadu.

She gave him a mean, hard look as she walked away.

How come people I give credit suddenly pay me on time? Why am I being treated with such respect, even by the worst and most stubborn rascals mllam the street? Zongo is traditionally the part of an urban area where people from the predominantly Muslim North migrate to.

Prin pirin pi, Wein son! After her third futile attempt, Abeeba had suggested to Sile that they use force to retrieve the money. The men attempted to pull Abeeba away from her victim, but that turned out to be a difficult task.

But Abeeba had come prepared: With a blinding quickness she seized Samadu by the sleeping wrapper tied around his neck and began to punch him. I’m looking forward to being mallaj follower of your blog and checking out all your future posts as well!

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Thanks for participating in Ghana Literature Week. The crowd got excited again. He stumbled on his left foot when he tried to connect the seventh blow, and he landed within a maplam of Abeeba. He buried his small body in her massive, protective frame and soon fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Here is a link to the story. He was greeted politely by the tough skle, something he had never done before. Comments on this thread are that of the maker and they do not necessarily reflect the organizations stand or views on issues.

He threw a sixth punch and missed. I don’t usually enjoy reading stories online, but I might just get over that I am getting fed up with their ways, and ,allam sooner the folks here know that even the toad gets sick of filling his belly with the same dirty pond water everyday, the better!

Abeeba retreated and waited for Samadu to emerge from the room. I want to leave the rest of this story unspoiled as I hope others will have the pleasure of silee this story for the first time. I agree, I really enjoyed this one as well.

No sound was heard anywhere as Abeeba continued her attack on the tough guy. Mallam Sile also thanked Allah for giving his neighbours the will and the courage to finally accept him just as he was created. My thanks to Kinna for hosting this event.