Mahimna paaram they parama vidhusho yadhya sadhrushi, Sthuthir Brahmadheenama api thadavsanna sthwayi gira, Adhavachya sarva swamathi parinamam. Lord Shiv meaning “The Auspicious One”, also known as Mahadeva. Shiv is the powerful and fascinating deity of the Hindu Trinity who represents death and. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Shiv Mahimna Stotra. Download Shiv Mahimna Stotra and enjoy it on your.

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Why this demonstrative show when you as the dictator of everything, could have done the job as a trifle? The King used to offer flowers from his palatial garden as a symbol of his devotion to Lord Shiva. Bewildered by all this, I do not feel ashamed to praise You; indeed my loquacity is an indication of my boldness. Jupiter syotra to Scorpio till Novemberknow its effects on your life!

Who can praise this type of greatness of yours? Your greatness is beyond the reach of mind and speech. They are not necessarily spiritually realised, but are superior to humans. Even though the fire sacrifice was done by Daksha, Who was a master performer, even though great sages, Were presiding over it, even though devas were the audience, You who are always interested in giving results of such acts, Destroyed it, for acts done without attention do not yield results.

The Shiva Nirmaalya is considered holy. Proud because of his handsomeness when God of love,shot you. Daily recitation of this faultless prayer on Lord ShivaWith devotion not only would make one,reach the world of Shiva, After death and make him live there like Lord ShivaBut also grant wealth, sons, fame and long life in this manimna.

In order to seek forgiveness and please Lord Shiva, Pushpadant composed a stotra song of praise in which he elaborated at length upon Shiva’s greatness as a prayer.

The Lord is not dependent on others.

Shiv Mahimna Stotra Lyrics and Meaning

An insult to the self-controlled is not conducive to good. This very prayer became well known stoyra the ‘Shiva Mahimna Stotra’. These flowers were used every day by the king in worshipping Lord Shiva. There is no God higher than Shiva, there is no hymn better than the hymn on the greatness of Shiva, there is no mantra more powerful than the name of Shiva, there is nothing higher to be known than the real nature of the Guru.


Once Brahma became infatuated with his own daughter. Oh destroyer of worries, you play in the cremation ground, Your companions there are ghosts, you cover yourself, With the burnt ashes of corpses and wear a garland of skulls, And the entire world knows that your conduct is not pleasant, And still, oh giver of boons, you give pleasure to those who think of you.

Know what the August 11 Solar Eclipse is bringing for you on the basis of your Zodiac. Medieval religious literature in Sanskrit.

How many qualities does He possess? With how many qualities is it composed? Brahma and Vishnu went up and down, to search for your greatness, Oh Lord of hills, And failed to find anything of you who stood burning and shining like the fire, And later you showed them your form when they prayed you with concentrated devotion,And when I think about this, I do feel that no prayer to you would end without result. Blog by Priyanka Arun.

He then composed this very great prayer, pleased Lord Shiva and regained his powers [1] [2] [3]. O Lord of gods! When ultimately both praised you with full devotion and faith, you stood before them revealing your normal form. He tried to find the thief but was not successful because as a Gandharwa Pushpa dantha was invisible.

He was only playing with things at His command. Shiva punished Brahma by removing one of his 5 heads and ordered that henceforth the Ketaki flower should not be used for his worship. Articles containing Sanskrit-language text Instances of Lang-sa using second unnamed parameter.

Initiation into spiritual life, charities, austerities, pilgrimages, practice of yoga, performance of mahimnna rites — none of these give even a sixteenth part of the merit that one gets by reciting the hymn on the greatness of Shiva. The person who with purified heart and in great devotion always reads this beautiful and elevating hymn to Shiva, becomes like Shiva after death in the abode of Shiva, and while in this world gets abundant wealth, long life, progeny and fame.

Whoever reads this faultless hymn of Shiva daily, with pure mind and great devotion, ultimately reaches Shiva’s domain and becomes equal to him; in this world, he is endowed with children, great wealth, long life and fame.


Message for the Day You have completely conquered Your senses. Ah, surely all women are under mahinna. Oh giver of boons, Bana conquered all the worlds and its attendants, And even suppressed Devendra who was very rich and at the top, Due to his keeping you in his mind and constant service to your great feet, Showing that any one who bends his head before you would get all the riches.

Who else but God can initiate the creation of the worlds? The Shiva Nirmaalya is considered holy. Salutations to you, who is the forest-lover, the nearest and the farthest; the minutest and the biggest, the oldest and the youngest; salutations to you who is everything and beyond everything!

Shiva Mahimna Stotram

It is strange that this stain in your neck, though appearing to be a deformity, actually adds to your richness and personality. All the results of actions done are purely temporary and vanish quickly, And for attaining salvation these results will not be of any help, Without worshipping you but people perform Vedic sacrificesWith the deep faith mabimna you mahimns reward them with desired results.

Thus people describe in words every attribute as yours.

O Destroyer of the three cities, 0 Giver of boons, is Parvati who saw the god of love, bow in mahjmna, burnt like a piece of straw in a minute by You, still proud of her beauty and believing that You are fascinated by her, because she was allowed to occupy half Your body because of her austerities? To show mercy to Devas and Asuras who were afraid of the destruction of the entire world, Oh three eyed God stotfa is amenable to his devotees, you swallowed the poison, And you had a black scarred neck but even that was pretty to you, Showing that even bad looks are praiseworthy to those who kill, fear of this world.