The MagicQ software includes the latest heads (personalities). To download an updated set of heads for your MagicQ install, refer to the instructions below. This manual is designed for operators of the MagicQ to help them quickly and effectively learn how to use the system. It has been written by. Magicq user manual • Read online or download PDF • ChamSys MagicQ User Manual User Manual.

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MagicQ on Linux 3.

Chamsys magicq mini wing manual meat *894*

Editing using Update Heads with multiple elements Individual Playback Settings Reading from the network Customising Locate, Default, Highlight and Lowlight values 7. Using a mouse or track-ball to control pan and tilt 9. Generating auto groups 7. Remote Playback Commands List of Tables Patch Head Filtering 8. Adding in new FX This avoids any performance impact from copying of files from live consoles.


Selective channel control can also be used without multi programming.

Changing the DMX address of heads 7. It is possible to carry out basic synchronisation of two or more consoles during playback by maual the ChamSys Remote protocol — either via serial or Ethernet.

VL5 type channels split personalities 7. Manual configuration of Selective Channel Control Patching a Head to multiple DMX addresses 7.

Connecting a MagicQ Playback Wing 6. MagicQ responding slowly This will force the other console to take control, and depending on the hot take-over options will enable a controlled fade to the new console jagicq.

However it can be configured manually as below. Copy and paste to external applications via the clipboard 3.

Hot take-over allows the use of multiple consoles in case a console stops working. Transferring files over network Selecting Palettes from the keypad No further configuration is needed. Remote Input port ,agicq with DMX input 7.

Chamsys magicq mini wing manual meat ** – AP Accademia

Including Cues into the Programmer Manual configuration of Playback synchronisation Direct Modification of Intensities in Cues MagicQ on Mac 2. Execute Window Soft Palettes Advanced activate and release options Changing MagicQ Console Software When a Slave Prog console starts or is reset it makes a connection to the Master Prog console magica tries to synchronise to the show master data.


Multi Element Heads 8. Files will not be copied from consoles that do not have this set e.

The synchronisation of show data is separate to synchronisation of show playback state mqnual hot takeover. Setting up Network Sessions The other console becomes the Slave.

Copying and Moving Cues