Jay Parini enjoys Augusten Burroughs’s collection of personal essays, Magical Thinking. Magical Thinking, Augusten Burroughs’s collection of true stories, is outrageous, hilarious and a touching tribute to his partner, says Kim Bunce. Magical Thinking is a memoir by American writer Augusten Burroughs. The book contains stories from the adult life of the author. Excerpts from the chapter.

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Martin’s is making a big push for Burroughs’s third book: He told a couple of stories about those encounters and I just laughed out loud this morning. Books by Augusten Burroughs.

Dead clever

Topics Biography books The Observer. From the 1 bestselling author of Running with Scissors auguxten Dry–a contagiously funny, heartwarming, shocking, twisted, and absolutely magical collection. Here is an excerpt that depicts his wit, but also his honesty about his life experiences that have shaped hi Burroughs is honest and Bueroughs like him The tone of each essay is established in the opening lines, as in “I Kid You Not”, about not adopting children: In DRY, Burroughs portrays himself as more human, with feelings and struggles.

Author Augusten Burroughs has hit a home run again in this funny, sometimes acerbic collection of true anecdotes that reveals the dark thoughts we all sometimes have, and then carries them out to their seemingly insane conclusions I have a hard time stomaching kids not receiving the care they need. These snippets are not presented in any particular chronological order, but begin in childhood, with memories about a Tang commercial, and lead us through the panicky drinking days and the one-night stands.

Any normal author would have instantly recognized that some straight chapters of Dennis after all the good stories regardless of the somewhat chronological order of the chapters made no sense. I think he’s used the story about being in Tang commercial as a child in at least three separate books now “Running with Scissors,” “Possible Side Effects,” and now “Magical Thinking”.


It’s just I was bored with my life and wanted a change.


I did not like his hysterics and his stories seemed to be insensitive to the people he grew up with. One can hardly begin to describe the subjects of these essays.

Now, I know I’m making out Burroughs to be some kind of monster. Damaged but invigorated and fucking lucky. Feb 21, David rated it really liked it. It is hard to believe that one man has had so many strange things happen to him but oddities seek Burroughs out. Not just because he’s a gay guy and I’m a straight woman, but because he is an alcoholic urban ad agency executive who watches endless TV and, as he says in one of his essays, if he wants nature, he turns on the Discovery Channel.

I take off my shirt, then shave, then put back on the shirt. Open Preview See a Problem? The first, an account of his nightmarish childhood drunk father, crazy mother, adopted by his mother’s therapistintroduced us to this quirky voice, which will tell us anything.

And Sellevision stands as Burroughs’s only published novel.

Magical Thinking: True Stories by Augusten Burroughs

Dec 04, Alison rated it liked it. I have a lot of trouble laughing at other peoples pain, Augusten seems to revel in it and make it a source of his happiness. He tries, for example, to get his lover, Dennis, to use a new skin moisturiser, having been hoodwinked by the ads: Dec 28, Victoria Weinstein rated it it was ok Shelves: They have smelled it.

True Stories Augusten Burroughs, Author. I also believe in karma – the old ‘what comes around, goes around’. He knows that he is read mostly by gay guys and he is not ashamed that he gets fan mails with gay guys sending him pictures of their penis. And, again, it didn’t cross my mind one bit to ask myself, “which novel came first?

But they weren’t enough to elevate the book above, “it was ok. The title fits this collection, which is full of chatty narratives in which the speaker seeks to influence the world in ways that it resists.


Even when we fight we fight inside a container of good.

It was way too detailed, and involved bleach, pesticide, scalding water. Each chapter has wonderful sentences that make me run into the room where jason is, or poke him on the train, and read aloud.

I didn’t read the whole thing–only to the essay where augusteh writes about how he tortured a rat.

Review: Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs | Books | The Guardian

Anecdotes about his boyfriend and dog are sweet I liked his boyfriend announcing he wanted to be President of Lycra in order to decree who would be allowed wear it and who wouldn’t but the stuff about his parents and his childhood growing up with his mother’s psychotic shrink seem like retreads. Twice honored by Entertainment Weekly as one of 25 funniest people in America, Burroughs shocked fans and the media alike with the release of A Wolf at the Table in early Nov 29, Mariel rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Burroughs would be better if he’d at least admit he’s a bitchy gay man instead of trying to tack on “But everybody is okay” drivel messages at the end of his bitchiness.

True Stories by Augusten Burroughs. People Looking for a Guilty Pleasure. It was also a publishing phenomenon that helped to ignite a kind of memoir fever burfoughs America and abroad. This, inevitably, leads Burroughs to reflect on his own unfitness for parenthood: I’m glad he decided to start writing, but I’ll still be drinking Dr Pepper. I think hot tea in the summer and down gallons of iced tea in the winter.