Magic Quadrant for MSSPs, North America. Gartner RAS Core Research Note G, Kelly M. Kavanagh, John Pescatore, 16 April , R Secureworks is positioned in the Leaders quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Report for Managed Security Services, Worldwide. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services by Symantec’s global SOCs and retained in the North American data center.

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The continuous stream of high profile cybersecurity breaches demonstrates the need to move beyond purely periodic, compliance-based approaches to More information.

The ability of the organization to meet its goals and commitments.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Global Managed Security Service Providers | Secureworks

It needs to demonstrate that it is viable financially over the long term. What alternatives exist in case of service delay or interruption?

Blog Feed your business — not the newsfeed Read blog. The level of interest from Gartner clients is also considered. SecureWorks SecureWorks offers security monitoring, device management, scanning, and log management for third-party technologies and its own appliances, and targets enterprise as well as midsize fr. Unlike the general notebook More information. Excluded from this analysis are service providers that offer MSSs only as a component of another service offering such as bandwidth or hostingand vendors that provide MSSs only for their own nortth.

The vendor’s strategy to direct resources, skills and offerings to meet the specific needs of geographies outside the “home” or native geography, either directly or through partners, channels and subsidiaries as appropriate for that geography and market.

The vendor’s nagic to product development and delivery that emphasizes differentiation, functionality, methodology and feature set as they map to current and future requirements.

Services often include packaging or reports and features to meet specific compliance requirements, and prospective customers for multifunction firewall services to meet compliance requirements should assess the ability of MSSPs to deploy and update devices with standard configurations that address those requirements. SecureWorks offers services based on customer-owned technology or its own technology, which provides flexibility for pricing and delivery models. This will further reduce price points, eliminating the need for IDS software charges.

Related to this is the increase in the number of IT services organizations that are adding managed security to their offerings, thus giving their customers options to outsource security functions to vendors with which they already have trusted relationships. Security managers considering MSSs will improve their chances of a successful MSS engagement if they are explicit about their expectations of the quality and degree of interaction expected from an MSSP, and if they are diligent in investigating the service delivery capability of MSSPs.


SecureData grows through managed security services How has SecureData grown its managed services business? There were no major mergers or acquisitions in the MSSP market during the first half of Excluded from this analysis are service providers that offer MSSs only for their own technology, and do not offer services for commercial technology. Purchase this Document Price: Security services offered include. As it moves away from the product reselling business, RedSiren needs to leverage its security research and training to raise its profile.

Symantec has maintained the top-notch analysis and support capabilities that Riptech developed.

Although Nuspire’s primary delivery model is the monitoring and management of its own technology, it also provides MSSs to customer-owned technologies. Broad IT services providers that typically manage security devices as part of larger outsourcing deals. CSC has extensive delivery resources for multiregional coverage for security services, as well as a wide array of other IT services.

Staffing and budget constraints: Although there were few major changes in market positions, managed security services MSSs continued to show steady growth in the first half of October 1, Version 1. Unlike the general notebook.

White Papers Breaking the Kill Chain. However, most regional players will be acquired by larger, pure-play MSSPs and systems integrators. Sign in to view this amerjca document.

Symantec very often appears among the finalists in MSS evaluations by Gartner customers, and has become more competitive and flexible on pricing and service packaging. LURHQ has expanded beyond its regional base and opened a second operations center. Carsten Casper The market for managed security services in Europe is mature and changes slowly.

Fod are a number of entrants to the MSSP market for which Gartner has not received client feedback or that offer limited security amegica. As a network service provider, Savvis is able to offer security controls embedded in the network, including DDoS protection as a service.

Enterprises and smaller organizations, in many cases driven by compliance or internal audit requirements, have expanded the scope of security monitoring of their IT environments. Vertical, industry and geographic strategy include the ability and commitment to service.


We own and operate. We use cookies to deliver the best possible experience on our website. The unique capabilities of QRadar More information. Enterprises are adding firewalls and UTM devices to remote locations as they move toward distributed Internet connections.

Marketing execution is an evaluation of the service provider’s ability to effectively communicate the value and competitive differentiation of its MSS offering to its target buyer. IBM must ensure that its extensive customer support resources are engaged across the breadth of the MSS customer base, and it must improve communication between customer support and operations. Verizon Business Verizon Business offers a full suite of MSSs, including denial-of-service protection and compliance services, as well as a strong consulting practice.

Ability to respond, change direction, be flexible and achieve competitive success as opportunities develop, competitors act, customer needs evolve and market dynamics change.

Enterprises or government agencies seeking to add MSSs to infrastructure outsourcing should consider Unisys. However, MSSPs must address other potential concerns by providing more visible, documented and auditable evidence of service delivery to customers.

In this approach, the majority of monitoring and management work will be performed in SOCs during local business hours for those SOCs, and then be shifted to other SOCs as they enter their own “local business hours.

Magic Quadrant for MSSPs, North America

Nuspire has established several distribution partners that provide qusdrant to an existing market of. ISS will concentrate on offering managed services around its intrusion detection product and leading firewalls. Unisys’ monitoring and log management services are delivered via a “follow the sun” model that engages SOC staff worldwide during local first-shift hours. ISS, in reaction to the realities of trying to be msxps nMSSP and security products vendor, changed its approach to managed security services.

The service capabilities acquired via VeriSign’s consulting group should enable additional complianceoriented MSS offerings.