LWUIT demo contains a ContainerList sample in the Scroll demo. There is also an explanation in our blog Generally. animations · LWUIT source code, 7 years ago. events · LWUIT source code, 7 years ago. geom · LWUIT source code, 7 years ago. html · LWUIT . Time to market (since when): Already available for download as part of LWUIT (for the themes); the additional support for AMAyA anticipated to be available .

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The demo is a simple tip calculator.

In the Device Selector, right-click on the device, select Properties from the context menu, and change the Heapsize value. Scope and Portability The Lwui UI Toolkit library is strictly a widget UI library and does not try to abstract the underlying system services such as networking or storage. Right-click on a project and select Properties. This application has demos for many features.

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Lightweight UI Toolkit supports pluggable theme-ability, a component and container hierarchy, and abstraction of the underlying GUI toolkit. A theme can be defined using a key value properties file containing selectors and values.

Developers can use Windows or Linux computers to integrate the themes into the mobile applications. Hi Shai, How can we customize the filled and unfilled colors of slider component? LWUIT is an open source project whose source is available at http: This issue stems from Java SE’s look and feel implementation and the only workaround is to change the application look and feel using the Look And Feel menu option.

A library has typically been installed as a NetBeans module.


As mentioned above these workshops are free, but you need to register. While ADF Mobile Browser has been available previously, the new release of ADF Mobile Client allows developers to create and deploy native mobile applications which can access native mobile functionality and allow disconnected access to enterprise data via data synchronization mechanisms. If set to False, type 1 fonts are assumed.

Dynamic Fonts Different platforms have different font support. One list item container having 5 components, second list item having 3 components and the third list item having 4 components. This populates the Applies To area.

Different platforms have different font support.

LWUIT released! | Across the Universe

They lsuit not meant to replace things such as 9-image borders and so forth since adapting them to every resolution or to device rotation isn’t practical. This application shows a contacts list and provides date and time information for contacts displayed on the home page. Select the Padding tab. Oracle Java ME 8. The Lightweight UI Toolkit library tries to avoid the “lowest common denominator” mentality by implementing some features missing in the low-end platforms and taking better advantage of high-end platforms.

LWUIT | Across the Universe

To change the performance you can edit the frame rate in SpeedMIDlet. Notice that every attribute within this dialog has a Derive check 1.55 associated with it.

You need to explicitly indicate that you are interested in modifying a specific attribute. This allows them to avoid functionality that won’t work properly in the tool and still give designers the ability to view the entire llwuit for customization. It will not affect .15 performance if the user does not select them and if the default theme is used. Building a Bundle A resource bundle can be built using Ant during the standard application build process.


LWUIT has support for defining fonts in resources that allow a resource to adapt for different devices. LWUIT has constant “sensible defaults” for some component behaviors for example, Buttons have a border style by default. Hi Have a doubt in lwuit guibuilder how to sign for blackberry and create cod files. Resources can be delivered as a bundle a binary file that can be loaded and used on the device. A key can be mapped to a resource name in any locale. Select the Apply To tab.

LWUIT 1.5 released!

The creation of the UI code is left within the MIDlet for simplicity but it could be separated to any class to allow full portability in any future platform to which the Lightweight UI Toolkit library would be ported. To support portability LWUIT allows specifying a loadable font if such a font is supported by the underlying system and allows bundling bitmaps for increased portability.

If the accessible themes are selected, the performance of the application will be a little bit slower because of the use of large prints. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

To debug the failure, execute the Resource Editor from command line using java -jar ResourceEditor.

A new version of the themes will be uploaded after the modifications resulting from the 2nd evaluation phase are finished.