Luigi Cascioli (* Februar in Bagnoregio; † März in Roccalvecce di Viterbo) war ein ehemaliger Katholik, der sich als atheistischer. Luigi Cascioli, The Fable of Christ: Book of Accusation. ? Reviewed by Robert M. Price. This lively and interesting volume briefly. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store.

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Feb 10, Pierre A Renaud marked it as to-read. I support the cause of Cascioli heartily, we’ll support him with the Magazine of Leman, doing all our best to realize this trial. Jezebel luivi the Nicolaitans must have upheld a fleshly, incarnate Jesus.

Rich rated it liked it Feb 20, Dejan rated it it was ok Jun 03, He is either impatient with or oblivious of the distinction between Mithraism and its evolutionary ancestor, Zoroastrianism, making the latter the official religion of Rome ljigi early Christian times.

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Atheism attacks Christianity in a lawsuit against its ministers for the abuse of popular credulity lujgi the substitution of person. He was a revolutionist in good standing, and, unlike the rest, he had been a preacher, too. I would like to buy copies and give them to my fellow villagers a copy as a present, one for each family.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The church declares that Jesus’ apostles all came from Galilee except for Judas Iscariot who it states came from Judea. We have already got in touch with two French television channels and in a short time there’ll be a new page dedicated to this book.

The whole thing seems completely arbitrary. There is so much proof to present in a law case, and the denounciation or accusation casckoli the end of the book is liugi.

Thanks to a perfect bank and post service, the first edition of The Fable of Christ has been outsold also due to an excellent carrying out of the consignment. Luigi Cascioli, The Fable of Christ: The names of the apostles are Cascioli posits a schism among his Essenes.

We have seen how the Zealots were changed into pacifist disciples by transforming their names the revolutionary Barjona, into son of Jonah, the murderer Iscariot into a native of Kerioth, the zealot Qananite into a resident of Cana etc. Luigi Cascioli, by bringing a lawsuit with a formal denunciation-action filed at a civil court so that the non-existence cascioll one of the three people of the Trinity, i.


If he gets to court with this case, expect Mark Garagos to represent him. History, teacher of life If Bush had read “The Fable of Christ” and in particular the chapters concerning the revolt of the gruesome and the Messianic revolution and if he had had They had to hang him on an appropriate figure of the recent past, one moreover, from their own violent, nationalistic tradition. Reviewed by Robert M. That is nothing unparalleled, but why believe it happened in this case?

But of course the Hasmoneans labored under the handicap of being Levites, not Davidic Judeans. Was Marduk arrested, Mithras crucified on a pole? All discussion regarding the existence of Jesus, who for the lack of reliable documentation casvioli gone on for centuries in inconclusive diatribes between believers and opposers in order to establish if he was a myth lugi real, dark or blonde, married or single, handsome or ugly, have all been swept away by the book The Fable of Christ with its irrefutable proof that he never existed.

His tone of sarcastic disgust with the whole biblical tradition and its admirers does not offend me, as I am something of a connoisseur of florid invective as an antique form of rhetoric.

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Yupa added it Dec 02, Cascioli took Catholicism to task cawcioli imposture in their use of a mythical figure, one Jesus Christ, to support their claims, bamboozling the faithful with a theological boogeyman who had cascilli really existed. Professor and Engineer Adolfo Amoroso. Lists with This Book. Shortly, to do everything possible, especially on the web, to make this trial possible. And, while there was no doubt very significant Zoroastrian-to-Jewish influence, Cascioli indulges in sheer speculation when it comes to Christian-era Jewish borrowing from what we should recognize as Mithraism.

Please count on my support. The learned Cascioli spends many chapters getting a running start, arguing that the Old Testament history is largely fictive and is designed to further the theocratic, nationalistic imperialistic aims of Jews, for whom he seems to bear no love. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Will you send me 5 books for my friends? A verdict that, considering the irrefutable proof presented by the prosecutor, cascilli certainly be a sentence against the ministers of the catholic church for being “divulgators of false facts passed of for the truth”, forbidding their teachings, and as many people who have already read The Fable of Christ have said, this will give way to a post-christian era that all people of good will cascilli ready and waiting for.


The Fable of Christ. An ex-priest, converted to atheism, ridicules Catholicism by showing the nonsense of its dogmas Taking as reason the closing on behalf of the Vatican of five Internet sites for blasphemy, I, Cascioli Luigi, have started today, with this present letter sent to the Osservatore Romano, the war which I had already announced with my book of denunciation The Fable of Christ No trivia or quizzes yet.

But what reason is there to think it happened? Professor and sculptor Giulio Tamburrini. I reckon that, if one can stand the smothering piety of the tone of many overtly Christian works on the Bible and yet find them worth reading, one ought to find the anti-Christian counterpart no more daunting.

Simon rated it it was amazing Aug 26, The Essenes were not pacifists, but only cxscioli to be in order to evade Roman persecution, though the Qumran War Scroll tells us their true feelings. Such a view, Cascioli says, underlies Galatians 1: The Fable of Christ by Luigi Cascioli. To ask other readers questions about The Fable of Christplease sign up. For him, the Bible is something like The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Ziona mythic manifesto of nationalistic megalomania. Actually The Fable of Christ caacioli a dossier containing the necessary arguments for a penal law suit against the catholic church with its ministers as representatives, it is a serious collection of juridical proof which show that the figure of Jesus is no other than the manipulation and falsification of documents which were really referring to a certain John of Gamala, son of Judas and Ezechia’s grandson, a direct discendent of the Asmonites founded by Simon, Mattatia the Maccabean’s son.

Indeed, one might hope that Mr.