Otto Wilhelm Rahn (18 February – 13 March ) was a German writer, medievalist, and Cathars with the Holy Grail: Kreuzzug gegen den Gral ( Crusade Towards the Grail) in and Luzifers Hofgesind (Lucifer’s Court) in Rahn later became a member of the Ahnenerbe (“ancestral heritage”) bureau of the SS, in whose employ he finished Lucifer’s Court. It is generally conceded. Read “Lucifer’s Court A Heretic’s Journey in Search of the Light Bringers” by Otto Rahn with Rakuten Kobo. Rahn’s personal diary from his travels as occult.

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Lucifer’s Court: A Heretic’s Journey in Search of the Light Bringers

Why did he think Parsifal would lead him to his goal? Jan 25, Stephen rated it it was amazing.

The Cathars seemed to have believed that Jesus was never really material, and that he was never crucified. They represent the Jewish and German or Aryan peoples and the struggle between them. From an early age, he became interested in the legends of Parsifal, Holy Grail, Lohengrin, and the Nibelungenlied.

The Complete Story of Civilization.

Either through revisions, adding details, or underscoring–not to mention rearranging–I have prepared those chosen pages from my diary in such a way that others may scrutinize, understand, and love them. This journey was also one of self-discovery for Rahn. By and by, in fact, we learn that maybe we should not take the connection between historical Catharism and Luciferian liberation too literally, either.

There are mysteries in courg passage, not the least of which is that the Decalogue seems to have sprouted two new commandments. ,ucifer so, his books read as if he were encased in heavy armour while he was writing them. Jul 27, Fiona Robson rated it it was amazing Shelves: There is courg small doubt as to whether he committed suicide, was murdered, or just disappeared and managed to continue his search.


Books In Pictures – the story of love and romance: Lucider Cologne, they had burned at the stake heretics who should ascend to hell, while Isaiah placed hell at the bottom of all. Otto Rahn im Wikipedia Deutsch.

The original Indiana Jones: Otto Rahn and the temple of doom

Recruited by Himmler into the SS as a civilian archaeologist and historian, Rahn quickly grew disillusioned with the direction his country was taking and resigned in He seems to have been blithely unaware of what he was letting himself in for. How the Irish Saved Civilization.

Books by Otto Rahn. For Rahn, Isaiah speaks for the great enemy: Towards midnight, because the light is clear in the darkness. This, too, was as naive as it was brave – the SS being the sort of organisation you only resigned from feet-first. The organizing principle appears to be that the medieval drama of the Grail was played out in the South, but the meaning and perhaps the origin of the Grail is to be found in the furthest North.

The companion delivers a lecture. Instead, he apparently survived, changed his first name to Rudolf and went on to become the German ambassador in Italy. Random Lexicon Philip Kerr. Their priests were akin to the Cathar Parfaits. I used to hear about him as a child.

Likewise, some great leaps are made to include other figures from mythology and folklore in with Lucifer. Birth was an evil, since the entrapment of human souls in matter was one of the things Catharism was supposed to help remedy.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This illumination is connected with the recollection of a time when the far north was warm and hospitable, and a healthy sort of mankind lived in harmony with nature. Rahn does not make these distinctions, and since he is concerned with Cathars elsewhere, particularly in Germany, we will use that term.


But Rahn was also a serious scholar and the more he pored over Parsifal, the more he became convinced that the Cathars, the medieval Christian sect, held the secret to the Grail’s whereabouts. However, Rahn is such a strange figure, and his story so bizarre, that simply seeing him as the unlikely progenitor of Indiana Jones is to do him a disservice.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Views Read Edit View history. This journey was also one of self-discovery for Rahn. Chad rated it liked it Jul 10, The twilight of the gods was at the same time the dissolution of tribal loyalty to the gods, heroes, and the almighty forces of nature British author, born We may note that, after the meditation, he camps with a group of Hitler Youth; they are Courtiers of Lucifer, too.

But the SS would not allow anyone to resign without consequences. Francis and the Last Pope Prophecies of St.

Perdurabo, Revised and Expanded Edition. Greg Paulson rated it really liked it Dec 03, There has been considerable speculation that Rahn may have been seeking, or actually helped recover, a meteoric Cathar relic on his spelunking expeditions to the south of France.

Lucifer’s Court: A Heretic’s Journey in Search of the Light Bringers – Otto Rahn – Google Livres

Christmas in Ritual and Tradition, Christian and Pagan. In Pictures – the story of love and romance: The myths of northern Europe reflect the coming of the current ptto age; they also foreshadow its ending. He didn’t find the Grail, but he did find a complex of caves nearby that the Cathars had used as a kind of subterranean cathedral.

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