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Mar 27, P. That is the primary theme of the novel which comes from the title of the book by the writer Edouard.

Even the titles indicate such: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Read it to read a brilliant man and learn from him? Jul 23, Kit rated it really liked it Shelves: No trivia or quizzes yet.

Robert, the “comte” who drags Olivier to the dark side, is painted as a kind of Wildean figure, which fwlsos interesting given the friendship shared between Wilde and Gide.

Goodreads gire you keep track of books you want to read. His self-exploratory texts reflect his search of how to be fully oneself, even to the point of owning one’s sexual nature, without at the same time betraying one’s values.

The Counterfeiters

The title is also in jeapordy of acting as a red herring. Maybe I will edit this later and make a clearer review when I will have studied the book in depth but I don’t think there is a much deeper meaning.

To provide food for curiosities still unformed, to satisfy requirements not yet defined, fallsos that the child of to-day may be astonished to-morrow to find me in his past”. It’s a heavy read and still the writing style drags your eyes along the pages with force.


The novel has that 19th-century breadth of including everyone from the tide to the poor girl pregnant out of wedlock. Good conversations and a pretty exciting plot.

Even when the treatment is not overt, there is a homoerotic subtext that runs throughout, which encompasses Olivier’s friend, Bernard, and their schoolfellows Gontran and Minederos. One of the story is about writing about writing. If you could read French, though, that may be the best asset for reading this book.

I’ve free flash fiction all stories under 1K at my website greggbell. The form of the novel is unique, depending on which version you pick up. Some of the characters are overtly homosexual, like the adolescent Olivier, and the adult writers Count de Passavant and Eduoard. Although it seems madly humiliating to reduce the story to the story of these two heroes, because around them, it is a whole web of heroes who have their own stories, but all these stories have a link between thema link for the characters, family or friendly or knowledge, as for example Bernard and Edward who meet by the chances of their two adventures, they realize that they both have a link with another character, Olivier’s.

Dec 25, Tony rated it really liked it Shelves: And this in ! Relationships of every konederos are explored: In conclusion, it’s more of a “slice of life” narrative rather than a novel, and although Gide has moments of clever insights, in the end the story will likely leave the reader under-served.

The characters are meshed together in one book, which seem to act as a pressure cooker. There is therefore a lively youth, adults with intelligence that is lost in an excess monederks everyday life, novelists.


It’s especially informative and interesting to be witness to the progress of the novel in the Appendix, which reads as Gide’s diary throughout the writing of The Counterfeiters.

Los monederos falsos – André Gide | Libros Kalish – Librería online

Many of the novels are structured around the meeting of two characters. Gide, instead of letting the plot twists and turns let the story flow as the characters lead them to, following their respective personalities and conflicts. I was stunned when an angel appeared in the novel to wrestle with Bernard as if he were Jacob.

This is a great novel about the soul-searching of adolescent males during their late teens. A character by the way, named Strouvilhou launches a sketch of the revolutionary ideas that run through the arts at that time, we see him theorizing what could be the surrealists’ desires overall.

I had frankly hoped that the Angel could have saved the little boy and still regret that he did not. And yet in the process much insightful information about art and the artistic process is provided.

Assume everyone is gay until proven otherwise.