With Arnold Moss, Luis Van Rooten. Lord Mountdrago, a leading member of the House of Lords, does not dream sweet dreams. Quite the contrary. Each night. Lord Mountdrago has 38 ratings and 4 reviews. Tom said: This was an engaging psychological thriller of a tale dealing with the intersection of the dreamw. It is called Lord Mountdrago. I would define the genre as phsychological thriller. There were three main heroes: Lord Mountdrago, his.

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Lists with This Book.

Audlin replied that he only saw patients in his consulting-room and expressed his regret that olrd Lord Mountdrago was prepared to come to him he could not give him his attention.

Without a word I seized it by the neck and hit him over the head with it as hard as I could. He knew he had intended to because a secretary had rung up that morning to say that he would be with him at the usual hour.

The Mixture as Before – Wikipedia

Audlin tells his patient, Lord Mountdrago. But he was hardly likable. When the war broke out he had not been long qualified and was getting experience at various hospitals; he mountdrrago his services to the authorities, and after a time was sent out to France. He was rich enough now to live without working, and the work exhausted him; a dozen times he had been on the point of giving up practice.

Dr Audlin leaned forward and by the power of his eyes forced Lord Mountdrago to meet them. omuntdrago

A certain sentimentality is the common coin of political debate. He spoke more amiably. You could never have said what Dr Audlin wore unless you had made a point of looking. I am an amateur of humour and I sought to discover in what lay her peculiar gift. I’m at the end of my tether. Dr Audlin could hardly believe his eyes. Virtue The worst of having so much tact was that you never quite knew whether other people were acting naturally or being tactful too.


Mohar Mukherjee rated it really liked it Feb 22, The Opposition sat glum and silent, but even some of them couldn’t help laughing once or twice; it’s not intolerable, you know, to see a colleague, perhaps a rival, made a fool of.

Lord Mountdrago

But Lord Mountdrago was as conscious of his birth as a nouveau riche is conscious of his money. Take Audlin, a doctor with a stellar track record. George nods, chats politely to the other house party guests, pops out to the gun room and shoots himself through the heart.

Flotsam and Jetsam — Borneo — 3rd Skelton an anthropologist is taken in by gruff, poor planter Norman Grange and his slight, withered, tic-ridden wife, Vesta.

The mistake people like Griffiths make is to take these fair words and fine phrases at their face value. The narrator, thinking it an idealistic portrait, invites to dinner a real prima donna, La Falterona, whom he thinks is unintelligent and self-centred, in order to disillusion Melrose.

To ask other readers questions about Lord Mountdragoplease sign up. There are hardly any intellectual insights, and his occasional tangle with intellectual milieus — his satires on the literary world, his description of a painter or a musician — carry little conviction.

Lord Mountdrago

After the novel is published, La Falterona is furious with the narrator for letting her be the subject of Melrose’s novel. Now comes the central flashback of the story which mountdragoo their life in the small remote station in Malaya. It was evident that this man who had so much self-assurance, so quick and decided a mind that he was never at a loss, at this moment was embarrassed. They are often large and soulful eyes.

The Treasure I had to read some mounrdrago these sentences two or three times to be quite certain of the meaning. Feb 12, Safdar Sikandar rated it moujtdrago was amazing. Coppard A Little Cloud Arabesque: To view it, click here. He had adopted the profession by accident and practised it with misgiving. But Carruthers has never forgotten her. Lord Mountdrago William Squire Flotsam and Jetsam He had been putting on weight lately, but was still a fine figure of a man; tall, with grey curly hair, only just beginning to grow thin on the crown, frank blue eyes, good features mountdrao a high colour.


He had been practising now for fifteen years, and had attained, in the speciality he followed, a distinguished reputation. His father and grandfather were eminent lawyers and his elder brother, Frederick, served as Lord Chancellor and was made 1st Viscount Maugham. Start your free trial.

The gracious land seemed to offer her a smiling welcome. They provide a lot of material, and their recurrent contact with reality–Griffiths often performs some action in real life that accords with something he did in the previous night’s dream–raise a few issues of the paranormal that transcend Freudian analysis.

He has at his tongue’s end all the tedious blather that the intelligentsia have been boring us with for years. I’ve told you three of my dreams; they’re moundrago that man has seen me do things that are so beastly, so horrible, so shameful, that even if my life depended on it I wouldn’t tell them. This is a list of the novels, short story collections, and the five plays in the Pan Selected Plays volume. By such oddities and quirks are human lives decided.