: Little Man: Meyer Lansky and the Gangster Life (Audible Audio Edition): Robert Lacey, Ron Silver, Phoenix Books: Books. Little Man: Meyer Lansky and the Gangster Life. Robert Lacey, Author Little Brown and Company $ (p) ISBN More By and About. Meyer Lansky. When you heard the name, you shivered. He was the cold-eyed financial genius behind the omnipresent, omniscient Mob.

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Lacey is a good story-teller though and seems to research thoroughly, so I will try out more of his non-fiction.

Very good book Lityle was an excellent biography of Meyer Lansky. He was arithmetically smart, but knew nothing about family and life. That otherwise he’d just have been no different than any other successful businessman.

Meyer Lansky was that man. How do the less creative minds in the business survive to 30?

He was also, by the standards of his peers, an intellectual. Very lanky that the author did not include one bad thing to say about this infamous gangster.

During his lifetime, Meyer Lansky was the stuff of organized crime littke. But the Cuban revolution happened, the hotel and casino were seized by the government, and Lansky lost his stake.

The government viewed Organized Crime as a corporation, when in reality it was a loose confederation of individual gangsters who ruled certain territories. What was intimidating in real life became the dream of escape when experienced emyer the weightless universe of fantasy. Mostly, he ran a smooth operation; the gambling was clean, the entertainment excellent, the food good. Very well researched and I know from History channel Documentaries that Lacey spent allot of tie getting to know the Lansky family.


A fascinating insight into the USA and to how so much of the country was built by people like Lansky. The little Jew going to shul in his skullcap was not an object of respect. Nov 06, Sheridan rated it it was ok. I don’t read many “mafia” books. Their lives are pale copies of the vigor and creativity of the straight world–and the clever ones like Meyer Lansky learn to copy its honesty as well. I also love reading about the history lasnky New York City, so this book was quite enjoyable.

Organized crime, with similar influence, needed criminal mastermind at its head. Littel were fighting for the right to investigate Organized Crime. Although involved in illegal enterprizes, mostly concerning gambling, throughout his life, and although expensively pursued by local and adn authorities through much of it, Meyer Lansky was rarely gangstr of anything and, despite his enormous reputation as a mob boss, died leaving only moderate wealth behind.

Please provide an email address. Preview — Little Man by Robert Lacey. This book is a crude, now I think laughably crude, attempt to lionise a little twerp.

Little Man: Meyer Lansky and the Gangster Life by Robert Lacey

He had a spotless reputation among his associates, many of whom were mobsters, as being scrupulously honest and keeping his commitments. Kefauver replied “I just don’t want you people running it. The events of the stubject’s associates, and the surrounding world that interacts with them can be difficult to interpret, and previously written reports necessitates reliance upon other writer’s skill and integrity in reporting. The little Jew who beat up Nazis was. Dec 09, Michael Holbrook rated it really liked it.

Lansky was a genius among his fellow thugs, but died almost broke while living modestly in retirement in Miami and caring for his ulcers and triple bypass. Jun 21, J.


His biggest investment and failure was the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Havana. He grasped the ironic truth: The idea of a crime conglomerate, a syndicate, feeds our desire for romantic outlaws. May 22, Neil Pierson rated it liked it.

Excellent biography of Meyer Lansky. Lacey, interviewed many of the people closest to Mr. Boo-hiss on Robert Lacy. It also only briefly touches on his early Prohibition years, completely ignoring the fact that the Jewish-American Bugs and Meyer Mob had a reputation for being one of the most notoriously violent Prohibition gangs of the s. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.

November 10, Garry Abrams Abrams is a Times staff writer. Well researched and very well written, this is a biography of Meyer Lansky ca.


And who runs gambling today? Is it true that all intelligent mob people are surrounded by challenged minions? One of mab, a scheme to build and sell TV sets to bars, went belly-up because the sets often failed to work. Understanding the individuals meaning, to themselves, to others, their emotions, desires, their achievements and disappointments is most difficult.

I am interested in all things Gangster!