Liquisolid Compacts: An Approach to Enhance the. Dissolution Rate of Nimesulide. Srinivas Vaskula, Sateesh Kumar Vemula, Vijaya Kumar. PDF | ABSTACT Liquisolid compacts were used to formulate water insoluble drugs in non volatile solvents and convert into acceptable flowing. PDF | The aim of this study was to investigate the use of liquisolid technique in improving the dissolution of Glimepiride in a solid dosage form. This study was.

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December 24, Citation: From the dissolution profiles, it can be seen that all liquisolid formulations significantly improved drug dissolution compared to conventional tablets.

It is highly lipophilic log P 5. For liquisolid mixture, the endothermic peak of the drug completely disappeared indicating that the drug is completely solubilized and molecularly dispersed with excipients within liquisolid system.

As a most discussed but still not completely resolved issue, solubility or dissolution enhancement techniques remain the most vibrant field for the researchers in formulation science. Several researchers have liqyisolid that the liquisolid technique is the most promising method for promoting dissolution rate of poorly water-soluble drugs [ 3 — 5 ].

Formulation and Evaluation of Liquisolid Compacts for Olmesartan Medoxomil

Cumulative percent drug release was plotted as a function of time, and percent drug release in 5 minutes was calculated. This indicates acceptable resistance was shown by liquisolid tablets to withstand handling.

A Novel Approach to Solubility Enhancement.

Patil J Liquisolid Compact Technique: Hence, the liquisolid technology allows the conversion of liquid systems into solid drug delivery systems such as tablets. Usually, microcrystalline cellulose and colloidal silica are used as the carrier and the coating material, respectively. At ilquisolid values the greater amount of carrier may overcome to some extent the flow properties of copacts.

Fujicalin, also to some extent, proved to be a better carrier than Avicel. Powder flowability is crucial in the industrial production of tablet dosage forms, as llquisolid uniform powder stream through hopper confirms uniformity of both tablet weight and drug content. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. Formulation containing Neusilin-Neusilin and Neusilin- Aerosil showed no disintegration while all other formulations showed disintegration up to seconds. Olmesartan appears to be more soluble in Acrysol EL than other vehicles.


Abstract Olmesartan medoxomil is an angiotensin type II receptor blocker, antihypertensive agent, administered orally. Fujicalin Dibasic calcium phosphate anhydrous and Neusilin Magnesium aluminometasilicate were obtained as gift sample from Fuji Chemical Industry Co.

The thermogram showed a sharp endothermic peak at of The liquisolid technology is described by Spireas as liquid may be transformed into a free-flowing, readily compressible, and apparently dry powder by simple physical blending with selected compcats named the carrier and coating material Figure 1.

Related article at PubmedScholar Google. Solubility of CBZ was determined in different non volatile solvents to finalise vehicle having maximum solubility. Concentration of dissolved drug was determined using standard equation. Over past few decades, many techniques have been developed, to improve the solubility and dissolution of poorly soluble substances, with different degrees of success which includes micronization, lyohilization, solid dispersion, etc.

The flowability improvement can be attributed to liquiaolid high porosity and high specific surface area of these excipients, which allows penetration of liquid into the particle comapcts resulting in a weight gain of individual particle accompanied by better flow properties. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

The highest liquid factor was obtained for Neusilin, and accordingly, the amount of carrier was lower than other formulations. December 19, Accepted: Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available with editor ijper.

New chemical entities are often macromolecules with high lipophillicity show poor solubility and high permeability and present a technological challenge mainly due to their poor bioavailabilitywhich leads to poor absorption.


Can’t read the compaccts Formulated liquisolid compacts showed all physical parameters within prescribed limit. Journal of Pharmaceutical Scienceand Research 3: IR spectrum of pure Olmesartan medoxomil shown in Figure 4 aan absorption band was observed, peaks Dissolution profile of liquisolid compacts was compared with marketed tablet formulation. The weight of formulations containing Neusilin and Fujicalin ranged in between 0.

Each admixture was then placed on a shiny metal plate; the plate was then tilted until the admixture slides. Liquisolid compacts are acceptably flowing and compressible powder forms of liquid medications.

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The angle of repose of powder blend was determined by fixed height funnel method. View at Google Scholar I. This liquid medication is converted into a free flowing powder by addition of suitable excipients [ 6 ]. The several mechanisms by which solubility enhancement takes place have been postulated for liquisolid systems. Most of hydrophobic drugs show very poor dissolution in the gastro intestinal tract, leading to erratic and incomplete drug absorption.

FTIR spectroscopy helps to determine any chemical interaction between drug and excipients used in formulation. Acrysol EL proved to be promising liquid vehicle for formulation of liquisolid preparations. Another measure of tablets strength is friability.

A liquid lipophilic drug can be converted into liquisolid system without being further modified. The following materials were gifted by Abitec Corp. Inert, preferably water-miscible organic solvent systems with high boiling point and a not highly viscous organic solvent system such as propylene glycol, liquid polyethylene glycols, polysorbates, fixed oils, or glycerine are best suitable as liquid vehicles [ 5 ].