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Ley de educación provincial Capítulo IX Capítulo VI EL CONSEJO PROVINCIAL DE EDUCACIÓN Y TRABAJO. Capítulo VIII: La. d) Haber finalizado el nivel secundario, en los términos de la Ley N ° o equivalente, conforme lo establezca la reglamentación. e) Responder a las. ley de educacion provincial pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for ley de educacion provincial pdf. Will be grateful for .

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Amends Section 3 of Labour Relations Domestic Workers Employment Regulations by inserting a new definition of “domestic worker” and of “qualified sick persons-minder”. Numerous amendments to the Mining regulations S. Minimum wages and conditions of employment 5. Viewpoints and objectives 2.

Civil Service Act No. Divided into 12 parts. This Order brings the Law into Force. Chapter I – General Provisions Chapter II – Term for periodical interchange and list of work positions whose holders are subject to periodical interchange Chapter III – Responsibilities of implementation of periodical interchange of work positions Chapter IV – Implementation provisions.

This list is also relevant to strikes as the companies which perform these tasks are prohibited from striking under Decree No. Benefits for Spouses and Children Deceased Pensioners. Evaluation of civil servants Section 7.

Selection for public employee recruitment Section 4. Also contains special provisions with respect to taxi-drivers, casual employees and boat crew. Makes numerous amendments to the Police Act to restructure the police force. Zambia Police Amendment Act, [No- 30 of ]. Prohibition of child labour.

Chapter II sets forth the duties of public servants including maintenance of a “healthy lifestyle” and the rights of public employees with regard to conditions of employment and social security. Ordinance amending article 21 of the ordinance on preferential treatment of revolutionaries, fallen war heroes and their families, war invalids, diseased soldiers, resistance war activists and 31688 with meritorious services to the revolution No.


Posts and Telecommunications Act leg Zambia Police Act No. Measures include, inter alia, an obligation of organisations and individuals to pay compensation for damage caused to the land and assets of organisations and individuals that have to change their residential and production places due to mineral exploitation.

Judicial Service Commission Regulations, S. Mines and Minerals Act [Cap ]. Measures to carry out payroll reduction should also include retraining and early retirement. Determines amount to be paid by employer to employee in the event that it became necessary for the employer to terminate the employment of employee because farm or part of farm belonging to the employer has been compulsorily acquired for resettlement or other purposes in terms of the Land Acquisition Act.

Ley de Ejercicio del Periodismo Adoption: Assignment of tasks, secondment, appointment and relief from duty of public employees Section 2. Chapter 133688 relates to hours of work, leave, and overtime; s.

Lays down the conditions of service in the industry with respect to wages, hours of 136888, payment for overtime and night leey, deductions, holidays and leave, contract and notice, protective clothing and ID cards, termination of employment.

ley de educacion provincial 13688 pdf

A domestic worker is defined as a person who takes care of a child, an aged person, a sick person, a frail person or a person with a disability within a household and a gardener. Normas laborales para los trabajadores de la salud.


Prohibits persons serving or having served in the judiciary as magistrates, registrars or judges from registering as legal practitioners. Regulates its functions, composition, and internal proceedings.

In particular it amends the definitions, objectives and adds a new Part 2A entitled “Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner”. Law on Public Employees No. Local Administration Service Regulations Working Contracts Section 3. Provides for the reorganisation of the postal and telecommunications administration; repeals the Posts and Telecommunications Corporation Act Cap.

Sets out the functions and powers of the different ranks in the police force.

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Ordinance amending and supplementing a number of articles of the ordinance on officials and public employees No. Amends Regulations 13, 21, 26, 27, 32, 34, 40 and 43 of the Public Service Commission Regulations, in particular regarding the filling of vacancies and retirement in the public or the national interest or on medical grounds.

Makes provision for work plans and programs, documents on environment and safety, requirements on environmental protection and safety, responsibilities in case of accident, requirements on natural resources preservation, oil and gas safety zones, drilling, oil and gas exploitation, equipment, obligation to dismantle works, petroleum insurance, information supply, and confidential information. Senior management posts 2.