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That is the reason why I have given him the chance to escape me by entrusting him to others.

Additionally, Giraud also scripted the intermezzo series Marshal Blueberrybut had leutnanh creative input for the La Jeunesse de Blueberry prequel series, after the first three, original volumes.

Charlier’s initiative was not entirely devoid of a healthy dose of self-interest, as over half the releases in the collection, were, aside from Blueberrytitles from other comic series he had co-created. Blueberry 15 – Ballade voor een doodskist”stripspeciaalzaak.

Leutnant Blueberry, Band 21, Gebrochene Nase by Jean-Michel Charlier

Archived from the original on TinTin in French Why did he bluebrrry a broken nose? Like in the new [ OK Corral ] story cycle, we find a totally passive Blueberry, only meditating, while the president, enchanted by Indians, is levitating in the White House”.

You should have seen him working at his desk! I found it an excellent idea; Writing started right away. I profited from it A Blueberry album sells at least Retrieved from ” https: Jean-Michel Charlier and Colin Wilson.

Part of their strategy was to forego on a magazine of their own and instead release titles directly in album format, as it was noticed that the serialized comic magazine format had already started to wane in Europe as a format and actually one of the main reasons for Axel Springer to pull the plug on Koralleresulting in the advantage of not having to incur the expenses of maintaining magazine editorial offices.

Retrieved 7 July This blueberrg is quite capable of doing the series, but he is somewhat paralyzed by the fame of Blueberry and the personality of Jean Giraud.


In essence, it has become Blueberry’s fate to be condemned to life by his creators. Though a rumor, there was a nuanced morsel of truth in it, as Rouge clarified two decades later, “No, he did not want to abandon Blueberrybut rather sought support and perhaps the opportunity to create books, like the ones he is currently doing [ Mister Blueberry ].

The books, narrated in the first person, related his experiences under the tutelage of a Yaqui “Man of Knowledge” named Don Juan Matus. Of course, Blueberry would have been pretty good, but Bouncer is so great that it would have been unbearable for me to have prevented such a series seeing the day of light.

Shortly after he had established Alpen and unbeknownst to Giraud, Giger was already approached by Charlier Sr.

Le rapport entre les deux? The Blueberry scenario was indeed very free and quite transgressive compared to the original depiction of Mike, even more pronounced so than the evolution of Jim Cutlass in his relationship to magic.

Leutnant Blueberry – Das eiserne Pferd

There had been a practical reason as well for this. And even the fictional “Fort Mescalero” has resurfaced as Blueberry’s very first Far West posting in the prequel book Apachesaside from the fact that much lektnant what he had envisioned for this project actually turned up in the Blueberry movie. Since its inception, the series has steadily gained a large following leutnanr Europe, and has, in part or in whole, been extensively translated in both serialized and book versions into multiple languages, to wit, Spanish both Spain proper and the Americas[98] Portuguese including Brasil[99] Italian[] German[] Dutch[] Swedish[] Danish[] Norwegian[] Polish[] Finnish[] Serbo-Croatian[] Hungarian[] Greek[] Icelandic[] Turkish[] TamilIndonesian [] and, more recently, Japanese with an even more blueebrry addition in Chinese.

Jean-Michel Charlier was a Belgian script writer best known as a writer of realistic European comics. Rombaldi was brought into the fold to act as an intermediary in order to negotiate a separate license from Novedi to have the then four Novedi main series titles included as well in volumes 5 and 6, though Dargaud performed a copyright infraction by making sure Novedi was not mentioned as copyright holder in the respective colophons.

  BS EN 14179 PDF

After I had finished the first Marshal BlueberryI did not want to do all the work alone anymore. Boucq was disappointed with the project falling through, disagreeing with Charlier Jr.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Taken aback, Charlier later stated, “It was too late to do anything about it, it was done.

Aside from this, Dargaud made use of the opportunity to clean up the by then muddied release chronology, by formalizing the establishment of the three series and restarting the album numbering for each in reprint runs. Already inCharlier made his displeasure known in this regard, when he had “Angel Face” pre-published in Nouveau Tintin of industry competitor Le Lombard, the very first time a Blueberry adventure was not serialized in Pilote — nor would it ever be again in hindsight. As impromptu publisher, EDIBD published around two dozen album titles, including “La longue marche”, before turning the copyrights of these over to Novedi, [50] which started publishing themselves in Guy Vidal from his Pilote days to be hired as editor-in-chief at the new publisher, incidentally in the process doing exactly what his son had accused Novedi of.

So now they have to nail down the whole bed. Lofficier has translated the biography in English, specifically for inclusion in the Graphitti Designs anthology collection it was not featured in the Epic editionspublished in the fourth volume of the collection, Moebius 4. While Charlier had no influence on this whatsoever, it did serve a purpose as far as he was concerned.

Striprofiel in Dutch The collection, which ran for nine volumes, also contained Giraud’s science fiction body of work, that was concurrently released by Epic in a similar manner. That Rouge’s style resembled that of Giraud, was hardly a surprise, as Rouge was actually not a stranger to Blueberry.