Over the last months I have been working on a famous solo by Lennie Tristano. The tune is called “Line Up” and is based on the chord. Lennie Tristano’s Line up. pasted-graphic. I’ve been working on this on and off for the last 3 months, trying, just as with the previous. I first heard about Lennie Tristano’s famous improvisation over “All of Me” changes reading Ethan Iverson’s blog post about Tristano and his.

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Tristano practiced solo Tatum pieces early in his career, [93] before gradually moving away from this influence in search of his own style.

Lennie Tristano’s Line up | Tom Hewson

Tristano declined offers to perform in the s; he explained that he did not like to travel, and that the requirement for a career-minded musician to play concerts was not something that he wanted to follow.

Tristano later recalled that not a single reviewer questioned the multitracking of those songs. The New York Times. He developed further via polyrhythms and chromaticism into the s, but was infrequently recorded.

Lennie Tristano

Leonard Joseph ” Lennie ” Tristano March 19, — November 18, was an American jazz pianist, composer, arranger, and teacher of jazz improvisation. His educational role over three decades meant that he exerted an influence on jazz through his students, including saxophonists Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There is no other way I could do lenne so that I could get the rhythms to go together the way I feel them. Sextet, with Warne Marsh tenor saxLee Konitz alto saxBilly Bauer guitarunknown bassunknown drums ; in concert.

By the mids Tristano focused his energies more on music education. Tristano had a series of illnesses in the s, including eye pain and emphysema he smoked for most of his life. Tristano’s advanced grasp of harmony pushed his music beyond the complexities of the contemporary bebop movement: Tristano’s band had two recording sessions in that proved to be significant.

Tristano Transcriptions

Retrieved November 3, The Penguin Jazz Guide: In the pianist reformed his quintet with Konitz and Marsh for a two-month engagement at the Half Note and performances at the Coq D’Or in Toronto.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Poetics of Rock Composition: Critics disagree on Tristano’s importance in jazz history. Tristano’s second album for Lennis was recorded in and released the following year.

Lennie Tristano – Wikipedia

yp Multitrack Recording as Compositional Practice. Though controversial immediately on release, Tristano’s decision to use the technique was described in by The New York Times as “celebrated”.

Tristano and his wife formally divorced in He was born a prodigy and worked tirelessly to get better. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lennie Tristano’s home studio, New York, [9]. Musicians and critics vary in their appraisal of Tristano as a musician.


Retrieved 29 September After Bernstein declared his certainty that the songs were multitracked, Kapell demonstrated that the speed was lebnie by playing a Mozart tune 16 times faster than it would generally be played. Writer Barry U commented in that Tristano “was not content merely to feel something, The Essential Jazz Records: Tristano intensified his use of counterpoint, polyrhythm, and chromaticism in the s[.

Foundational elements for a student’s learning were having a concept of principally diatonic [] scales as music and a basis for harmony.

Grove Music commented on some aspects of Tristan style that were different from most modern jazz: Lennie started on the family’s player piano at the age of two or three. The New York Times. With occasional personnel changes, the sextet continued performing into He taught in a structured and disciplined manner, which was unusual in jazz education when he began.

Lennie Tristano and His Legacy.

Tristano is regarded as one of the first to teach jazz, particularly improvisation, in a structured way. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat