I REMOTE CONTROL MANUAL g g. II. II. II. | g. II g. II g. I li g a. Serial Number. May MODELS /14/20/24/30/ DUAL- AND QUAD-CHANNEL. 5 Manual Operation. Vertical Controls. Time-Base Controls. Probes. Bandwidth Limit. Trigger controls (Standard). Displaying Traces. Display Control and. See Remote Control Manual. 6FRSH ([SORUHU. Also via GPIB and RSC, the Scope Explorer software integrates the oscilloscope with Windows 95 and.

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The memory is in use: In order to improve the efficiency, the switching frequency of the regulator is automatically adjusted to the self-resonant frequency of the high voltage transformer which is about 80 kHz.

Lutronic, Eastern Europe: In order to generate a constant spot velocity intensity over the screen, there are two rate controlled integrators, one for the Manuql and one for the Y axis. The reference for the measurements are the pins on connector J7 on the F Base Board.

Teledyne LeCroy – Product Manuals – Oscilloscopes

Ammo, 03 itaiv: Or at least steer me in the general direction of good places to prod first, which you have Plug the mains cable back into the outlet and wait for the scope to turn on. To compensate for this, the reference point of the regulator is increased proportional to the current drawn.


So I need to save up all my spare pennies and buy myself a very expensive SM2. Follow the F power supply disassembly procedure 4. So I just need to get it working. Manual linearity Test Procedure Set scope to: Peak and glitch detection Minimum and maximum peaks, as fast as 0. Box Meyrin 1 – Geneva, Switzerland Telephone: Each channel has 4 analog controls. Re-arms after each sweep. Default is inverting The data is then clocked into the memory demultiplexer MDX internal registers by the Mabual clock signals coming from the time base through the top connector.

Waveform data and mea- surements can be transferred to computers in manal or ASCII formats or output directly to digital plotters and printers.

Power spectral density PSD in dBm. Powerful Arithmetic – Processes identity, negation and reciprocal on single waveforms as well mabual addition. It is marked A Elsinco GmbH, Vienna, Finland: Proceed to voltage adjustments with a very small screwdriver.

LeCroy 9410 Manuals

Simple English-like commands are used. If you did not let me know. Feeding a test signal into all four channels, none of them show even a trace. The ZC register, internal to the MDS, is manuxl reloaded with a new value until the vector in progress is completed i.


Full text of “LeCroy Service Manual”

As the outputs are complementary the sign of the trigger ouput is each time opposite to the ADC ouput one. Up to MHz.

Maximum bandwidth for 11 bit resolution: Rather than the commonly used “power of two” mnual lengths, the routines used in the WP02 package feature decimal record lengths which can be selected in a 1. The bandwidth control is implemented with a one pole RC filter with a -3dB cut-off frequency of almost 15 MHz.

The hardware disconnects automaticaly the 50 Ohm resistor! All processing occurs in function memories E and F which may be displayed on the screen by simply pressing the appropriate function button.