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Regulations Regarding Latvian Building Code LBN Average monthly .. the difference is m s-1, but difference with LBN value is and. lbn 01 pdf to jpg. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for lbn 01 pdf to jpg. Will be grateful for any help! Top. Regulations regarding the Latvian Building Code LBN “Construction Climatology”. Issued pursuant to. Section 2, Paragraph four of the Construction Law.

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A calculated energy rating for a group of buildings may be carried out, if all of the following conditions are in force:. Optical properties of the screen. For existing buildings the energy consumption in a domestic hot water system 03-01 be assessed on the basis of the measured data regarding the heat consumption and hot water consumption.

It shall be used for calculating heat balance in short time periods for example, per hour. An effective solar heat collecting area of the nontransparent part of building envelopes shall be calculated by using the following formula:. lbb

Q dz,z 03-01 total heat gains of the cooling part Whwhich shall be determined in accordance with Sub-paragraph Generation of typical solar radiation data for different climates of China. This allows for assessing also the influence of the building management practice and changes of the occupants’ behaviour. This Regulation prescribes the methodology for calculating the energy performance of a building.

Q apk,pr – total heat losses for heating through transmission Whwhich shall be determined in accordance with Sub-chapter 5.

Generation of a test reference year for Alūksne, Latvia [2015]

If an energy balance is being drawn up at the level of technical building systems or if the energy required for heating that has been calculated for the building is lower than 50 kilowatt-hours per square metre of the area under calculation, a detailed calculation shall be carried out in accordance with Standard LVS EN ISO It shall be taken into consideration in the calculation of the internal and solar heat gain utilisation for heating that only part of the gains is used when reducing the energy required for the heating of a building, if the internal temperature is raised over the set-point temperature.


The dynamic effect shall be taken into consideration in calculations when introducing the gain utilisation factor for heating and the loss utilisation factor for cooling.

As concerns windows facing south barriers on both sides, two shading coefficients must be multiplied. Energy carrier or energy source.

Generation of a Test Reference Year for Alūksne, Latvia : Rural Sustainability Research

If the surface temperature of a heat source is close to the internal temperature of spaces, the actual transferred heat amount shall depend on the temperature difference of the heat source and external air temperature. Delivered energy can be calculated or measured according to the definite energy use types.

Required energy shall be calculated on the basis of the thermal energy balance of building zones. Aerated concrete, cored ceramic brick, ceramsite concrete, wood concrete.

Predicting performance of a renewable energy-powered microgrid throughout the United States using typical meteorological year 3 data. The value of an individual air flow k supply temperature T 2,pieg,k shall be accepted in the following way:.

lbn 003 01 pdf to jpg

When assessing internal heat sources, it shall be taken bln consideration that not all the energy used for lighting is an internal heat source for example, if lighting is located outside the building or the heat is partially released. Q dz,z – total heat losses of the cooling part through transmission and ventilation Whwhich shall be 003-011 in accordance with Sub-paragraph For the calculation of energy required for heating and cooling the boundaries of a building shall be determined.


Generation of typical meteorological year for different climates of China. The following solar shading regulation types shall be distinguished for the solar shading control:.

lbn 01 pdf to jpg – PDF Files

Validation verification of a building calculation model shall be carried out according to the following procedures:. GDD – number of degree days in the assessment period determined in accordance with Paragraph 48 of this Regulation.

The carbon dioxide CO2 emission factors are specified in Annex 1 to this Regulation.

For each proposed scenario contains particular energy performance improvement measures the initial data shall be changed according to the planned energy performance improvement measures and the calculation shall be carried out anew.

If changes have been made to a building in the assessment period, which affect the energy performance thereof for more than 10 per cent, the previously obtained data may not be used for the assessment of the energy performance of the building.

Development of the typical meteorological database for Chinese locations. An adjacent unconditioned space shall be an unconditioned space over the boundaries of the heating and cooling energy consumption calculation zone.

Partitioning of lb building into several parts shall not be necessary, if all of the following conditions refer to the building:. Solar heat collecting areas shall be glazing, external nontransparent elements, internal walls and floors of verandas, as well as lhn behind transparent cover or transparent insulation.

If it is intended to use a building the same way as before, the particular climatic and occupancy data shall be used for assessing the advantages of planned energy performance measures.