IN JOSE EMILIO PACEHCO’S SHORT STORIES. J. Ann Duncan* . castillo en la aguja and Parque de diversiones (particularly section five) – all in El viento. brayan alexis · 4 years ago. 0. Thumbs up. 0. Thumbs down. Report Abuse. Comment. The three short stories written by Jose Emilio Pacheco that I have selected In he wrote a collection of short stories entitiled La sangre de.

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For example, in Parque de diversiones I render resulta present indicative tense as has become present perfect tense in order to produce a sentence which works correctly in English. Everything about his speech and what he says helps to form his personality in the eyes of the reader. In the main story the special concerns were the conversations between Andres and Ricardo. If it were strictly a monologue and there were no listener present, it would be a completely different kind of story, even though it would appear to be almost the same.

There are a few instances where he drops the initial ‘es’ from a word: We have seen evidence of a great diversity of styles, themes, and objectives spanning more than years of cultural and political growth.

José Emilio Pacheco | Poemario | Pinterest | Poetry, Quotes and Philosophy

He has published 30 books of poetry throughout Latin America and Europe, and has received major awards all over the Spanish-speaking world. He was elected to the Colegio Nacional in Anselmo’s is the only perspective given. The translator must aim ekilio smoothness; for comprehensibility, coherence, clarity of meaning, and readability. As before, many Mexican short story writers had other professions, wrote in the other literary genres and followed more 23 than one trend.

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Pacheco’s treatment of time is of particular interest and I deal with this both in the individual analyses and also in the final chapter. Parque de diversiones also has an uncomplicated, straightforward sentence structure throughout, except for the section numbered III, which is one long sentence with no punctuation at all, and which can also be categorized as stream-of-consciousness.

In the chapter which discusses the strategies employed in translating the stories from Spanish into English, I deal with the general and the specific problems encountered in each story.


At the end of the monologue sarpa reader understands that Anselmo’s intention has been to use the listener. Coalitions formed, broke apart, then re-formed with different members.

Leaders and fighters like Pancho Villa, Emiliano Zapata, Venustiano Carranza, and Alvaro Obregon, along with countless others including women soldiersprovided the writers of the day with a 25 rich source of material. The expression pego con tubo, in Virgen de los veranos. But they turned away and distanced themselvs from the degrading aspects of life, and in doing so separated themselves, in an idealistic manner, from the very Mexican reality they sought to portray.

January 31, La Zarpa de Jose Emilio Pacheco by Radio Pirata | Mixcloud

Later in this century stories about the Revolution appear, with obvious roots emiio these naturalist works. For example, he shows his lack of naivety by informing the listener that he believes emiljo possible that some priests, as well as church and government officials, may have been aware of the fraudulent scheme that Lorenzo was running and were receiving money out of it themselves.

Even though as yet we have no idea what Anselmo’s motive is, and will not until the very end of the story, we need to realize, in order for the ending to make sense, that he does have a particular reason for telling his tale to the listener.


It is not a trick of plot manipulation for two ejilio. Another strategy I employed was to keep all political, historical and cultural references the same as in the source text. This poem is not monologue but dialogue.

However, with the re-establishment of freedom of the press inpamphlets, periodicals and newspapers thrived.

They were lawyers, professors and politicians. However, for the sake of clarity and readability I sometimes substitute parentheses for dashes, or change the order of the clauses in a sentence.

Deewho founded the magazines Lectura de M6xico.

For example, Anselmo provides a rather deprecating description of Lorenzo, but since we know that Anselmo was having an affair with Lorenzo’s wife, we can reasonably assume that Anselmo’s description of Lorenzo is prejudiced. One example is padrisimo which I translate as really great. These translated stories open up a portion of the Mexican world to the English-speaking reader through an exposition of the beliefs and lives of certain characters.

La fiesta brava is actually two stories; one within the other, both with the same title. There are several instances where Anselmo uses the subjunctive mood in phrases such as como si me estuviera haciendo un favor; como si el por poquito fuera el Santo Padre, and como si de verdd fuera su goto.

Now we see why this first set of worshippers, and the fact that it is hot and dry, are mentioned in the initial paragraph.