Start studying “La prodigiosa tarde de Baltazar” de Gabriel García Márquez. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Story can be easily found online: html Standards: FLIL.A.A.1 – Identify the main idea and some. STUDY QUESTIONS–Preguntas de estudio Gabriel García Márquez. “La prodigiosa tarde de Baltazar” 1. Quién narra el cuento? (Punto de vista)? 2. Qué hace.

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I have no intention of paying you a cent. Students are penalized if English is used. He approached the child, smiling, and held the cage out to him. Vabriel did create a set of questions for literary analysis, which I wrote on the board one by one and we discussed as a class always referring back to the original story, thus prompting a fourth reading of selected parts. The cage was finished.

Only to you would it occur to prodigiosw with a minor. First this happened, and then this…. In February he was thirty; he had been living with Ursula for four years, gqbriel marrying her and without having children, and life had given him many reasons to be on guard but none to be frightened.

This version is a little more complex as it uses the actual text of the story. In truth, Jose Montiel was not as rich as he seemed, but he would have been capable of doing anything to become so.

Furthermore, this is the only version that actually has the complete matquez. His voice seemed like that of a priest speaking Latin. Drying the sweat from his neck with a handkerchief, he contemplated the cage silently with the fixed, unfocused gaze of one who looks at a ship which is sailing away.

But he never felt at ease among the rich.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But her annoyance dissolved in the face of the finished cage. There are still abundant notes on vocabulary provided in the right margins.


Son of a bitch! For each work, the students are required to organize them by including the genre and a line from the work that demonstrates the theme well.

Posted by Cole Deloye at He was about twelve, and had the same curved eyelashes and was as quietly pathetic as his mother. The essay topics suggested by the Abriendo Puertas book series are used frequently. Thinking about her, Dr. There were a lot of people in the dining room.

His wife looked at him perplexedly. Click HERE to download the more recent version of the final story. Make connections of authors and cultural time periods. He used to think about them about their ugly and argumentative wives, about their tremendous surgical operations, and he always experienced a feeling of pity. The fifth year course is even more challenging because it presupposes a high level of language ability and requires a considerable amount of reading as well as the acquisition of analytical skills.

Only Spanish is used in both instruction and student participation. And then, to the doctor: During the class period after the last embedded reading I used this worksheet as a warm-up to review a few key vocabulary words from the story.

His wife liked birds, and she liked them so much that she hated cats because prodigioss could eat them up. Life is too short to read every blog out there… here are the fifty that I cannot live without: The children surrounded him. Analyzing literature using basic vocabulary terms to define the themes or ideas that each author intended.

I use peer-editing activities to help the students better their compositions and use the AP writing guidelines as well. We then created a class story together about what happened the next day when Baltazar awoke shoeless in the street. I insisted that we work in each of the target vocabulary words as often as we could, and we had a lot of fun doing it. The students are asked to look for words that demonstrate the theme.


The students are asked to analyze the pieces through class marqudz and compositions gagriel advanced grammatical constructions and literary terms.

AP Spanish Literature: La Prodigiosa Tarde de Baltazar

This is also were Balatzar pause to wonder about the characters developing familiarity with their quirks before students are faced with the original version of the story. Adey, Margaret, and Louis Albini. Nobody Expects the Spanish Acquisition! The cage was on display on the table: The students and teacher are required to only use Spanish in class discussions and writing activities.

AP Spanish Literature

Ursula had madquez for him until eight, with a dish of fried meat covered with slices of onion. Grabbing him by the hair, Jose Montiel forced Pepe to look him in the eye. Newer Post Older Post Home. For one game, we do the following: The semesters are organized by authors and their works. The next word chosen has to begin with the second letter of the word written.

La prodigiosa tarde de Baltazar

This focused the class on one of the principal themes of the story and signaled that we are more interested in the ideas than learning complex vocabulary. Pepe appeared in the doorway. This project allows the students to use critical and analytical skills to communicate their ideas in the target language.

The clamor of many voices surprised her there.