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Babbulkund is a tale of another ancient city, one espads from one of the “hills of God” by the pharaohs in the desert. God is not pleased with her in the slightest and sentences her soul to hell, but the angels pity her for she is so beautiful and not entirely guilty, and refuse to take her directly into hell.

The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories

Well, one night the little Wild Thing comes across a cathedral by the edge of the marsh, and is struck by the beauty of the music of the people and the vision of the angels receiving their prayers. Jan 27, Jorge rated it it was ok.

But reading some of the first lines of The Sword of Welleran, you can see the straight line linking Dunsany to Tolkein and beyond. This collection reveals glimpses of all of that, in addition to wit, social commentary and proto-horror. Paperbackpages. I wasn’t convinced in the beginning and sympathized with the cute little man eating monster but the time in the fortress was truly magical and I really appreciate the philosophical questions raised at the end.

In this first-person account, Lord Dunsany gives the world’s most sarcastic narrative of a supernatural visitation. Salter rated it really liked it Shelves: It is entirely fitting that, considering his time and circumstances, Dunsany’s stories are a bit more formal, a bit sadder, a bit slower, a bit “older” feeling than “The Lord of the Rings”, and pretty much anything written since.

Lord Dunsany was an Irish Nobleman who was intrumental in popularizing Chess in Ireland, invented his own version of “Fantasy Chess” one side has standard pieces and the other 32 pawns which is still being played, and wrote fantasy books and stories which he successfully published.

Sometimes, the sheer scope of the collection leaves individual stories seeming fragmented and unrelated to one another, making this overview review very difficult to write. It has many archetypal swords-and-sorcery tropes. Five stars, no doubt. They will take you on a remarkable journey to places that sometimes seem soft and pleasant, sometimes bleak and ominous — but always surprising. How about I let the stories speak for themselves? Short stories about exotic places and the beauty of nature.


May 19, Tonari rated it it was amazing. Apr 19, Pieter Brouwer rated it really liked it.

lecturas errantes: The Sword of Welleran, de Lord Dunsany

One of Dunsany’s recurring themes, the damage caused by human civilisation to the environment and the need for a human extinction, resurfaces here, but is not explored with great humour or depth as occurs at other points in the collection.

Wwelleran 16, Kristyn rated it really liked it Shelves: A wonderful collection of fantasy tales that feel ancient.

There is some really excellent stuff in this collection; I enjoyed it immensely. Then the ghosts’ sins stalk into the room in the form of great black dogs.

Hav feels exactly like the modern city that might have survived and grown on the ruins of one of Dunsany’s cities. However, the way Dunsany explores ideas like elves, fairies, dark magic and heroes is very different from the world Tolkien ka, which makes it a lot of fun to explore. Still, the “The Fortress Unvanquishable, Save for Sacnoth” sparked images in my mind which made me want to illustrate the I have sometimes struggled to find a appropriate comparison to describe Lord Dunsany’s writing to those who haven’t read it.

I just don’t think we need to have upper class men musing on the souls of female prostitutes. And then he leaves him free. Jul 31, Leaflet wekleran it it was amazing Shelves: Este compendio de cuentos y relatos lo deja muy claro: Refresh and try again.

To and fro and up and down they would walk through the marble streets, gazing at memorials of the things achieved by their country’s swords in the ha. Mary Jane, the Wild Thing’s human name, misses the beauty of her marsh home and seeks to pass her soul onto another so she can return. The first part of the story, his quest for the legendary sword Sacnoth which Gaznok cannot destroy is the best part.

Ka little harder to read than “Fifty-One Tales” but still very readable.

There is poetry in the prose and strong visual elements. Leothric must stay away for three days and three night consecutively poking the beast in the eye to keep it from devouring men. This is not Victorian claptrap.


Het mooie aan deze verhalen vond ik ezpada zozeer de verhalen zelf als wel de dromerige, afstandelijke en mythische stijl waarin ze zijn geschreven. Feb 03, Hal Brodsky rated it liked it Shelves: But in their quiet and contemplative moments they recount and reflect upon tales from earlier times, involving the ancient nobility of legendary heroes from barely remembered lands. It is difficult to describe Dunsany’s work.

Return to Book Page. Born to one of the oldest titles in the Irish peerage, he lived much of his es;ada at perhaps Ireland’s longest-inhabited home, Dunsany Castle near Tara, received an honourary doctorate from Trinity College, and died in Dublin. Instantly this story drew me into another world through Dunsany’s simply elegant storytelling.

In this tale, all the heroes are dead hundreds of years and their city Merinma no longer practices the martial arts but relies on ominous statues and songs to keep invaders away. This week, I went to a museum about the ancient Near East, and realized that his stories often remind me of translations of ancient epics. I don’t think this is anything particularly new or valuable.

The best stories feel like they were remembered rather just than written. These are not whimsical tales or fairy stories. Every Dunsany collection seems to have at least 2 or 3 stories in it that are so incredible I want to give the whole book 5 stars.

And occasionally, wflleran as with “The Lord of Cities”, the story meanders in description and metaphor until the reader becomes totally lost. Best enjoyed by pairing the text with the just-as-fantastic illustration of Sidney Sime, one of the greatest illustrators.

And he is rewarded wellerah the great blade which makes up the crocodile’s backbone. The wizard Gaznak and his Fortress Unvanquishable would fit snugly in any Conan yarn.