ODO YAKUZA TOKYO – second edition author: Anton Kusters reproduction of 92 images of the YAKUZA project; 14 reproductions of. Odo Yakuza Tokyo has 8 ratings and 1 review. Kevin said: This photography book disappointed, probably because I had set high expectations. Anton Kusters. Odo Yakuza Tokyo. Below is an excerpt of my conversation with Anton Kusters, talking about the birth of his first book. We are.

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ALL… 1 month and 4 days later: Pingback on Sep 13th, at 5: This is to say that Anton has focused upon and discovered something beyond the typical cliches: Completing a tattoo takes about hours, and a schedule of daily or weekly visits with the tattoo sensei are made.

I guess you are aware that with all this you are setting the bar very high. Pingback on Sep 28th, at 1: High ranking boss Miyamoto-san in his coffin after his death, during his wake — Gordon Lafleur June 21, at You alone in the world did produce that.

anton kusters – odo yakuza tokyo LIMITED EDITION (SOLD OUT) « burn magazine

Anton, I was reading the conversation between you and David and stopped reading so that I could order in case I missed buying a copy! Pingback on Jan 15th, at 6: Carlo July 15, at Herve June 17, at 8: Now, I am waiting to get the book s delivered.


Pingback on Jul 11th, at 5: Your sincerity shines through your words and photographs. Thank you for the incredibly heart-felt comment… indeed we posted simultaneously, what serendipity. Akaky June 18, at 1: I remember when Anton started this project some in our then-Road Trips community questioned his ability not to be co-opted by the Yakuza, not to let them use him to promote their own agenda.

Empty meeting table, right after the initial meeting, in which we got approval to start the project yakkza A book proves a lot. Michelle has an entrepreneur sensibility so she can help us to help ourselves so we can afford to stay here, to do our own work, and fulfill our stated obligations to help the next generation.

No, I would not do that. Anton — At ofo last, I have received my check! Eric Espinosa June 17, at 4: Maybe this time around they will get involved sooner rather than later. The subtle shades of grey are the key.


Odo Yakuza Tokyo by Anton Kusters

Family driver waiting for his boss to enter the car — So looking forward to get my copy of this labour of photography, passion and love. Amanda marked it as to-read Feb 10, Socho, the godfather, arrives at a commemoration service for a member who has died. Patricia Lay-Dorsey June 20, at 6: Charles Peterson June 17, at Nobody can blame me for any glorifying or things associated to that, because of this simple, but of course unprovable fact unless you know me or have talked to me personally in depth So to get back to the question: Books by Anton Kusters.

Return to Book Page. Thanks for that, and congratulations once again. Might drive a few sales, who knows.

Thomas Bregulla June 17, at 6: I find it fascinating kustrrs humans create their own little microcosms, with their own rules and customs, then fight to find a place within them. ANTON… you must feel just terrific after all of these comments….