Electromagnetic flow converter for combination with OPTIFLUX and WATERFLUX flow sensors. KROHNE 03/ – – TD IFC R05 en. The documentation is only complete when used in combination with the relevant documentation for the . 2. The high-performance solution. IFC is the only electromagnetic flow converter with 3 x diagnostics of instrument, application and .

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Each time a housing cover is opened, the thread should be cleaned and greased. The signal cables A type DS with double shield and B type BTS with triple shield ensure proper transmission of measured values. Krohne Program Structure For Emfs Connect the shielding at both sides of the cable via the special cable gland. This warning refers to the immediate danger when using this device in a hazardous atmosphere.

The sensor electronics will use one or the other function setting to zero or further measurement depending on a selection made by the user. F hardware detection Existing hardware cannot be identified. Make sure not to damage the stranded drain wire 1 of the inner shield. This warning refers to the immediate danger of burns caused by heat or hot surfaces. Electrical connection of the signal and field current cables, field housing 1 Remove the locking screw and open the housing cover. Never mount the housing with the cable entries facing upwards.


There is an additional bush for the interface cable. Store the device in its original packing. Important Notes On Electrical Connection The following requirements regarding the electrical values of the signal cable must be observed: The manufacturer certifies that these requirements have been met by applying the CE marking.

Dimensions And Weights The conductivity measurement must also be activated, see Fct. Grounding Of Sensors primary Heads The following precautions must be taken to ensure reliable installation.

S pipe not full Only krohen measuring sensors with 3 or 4 electrodes. Connection of inputs and outputs in wall-mounted housing krogne Open the housing cover 2 Push the prepared cables through the cable entry and connect them to the supplied connector plugs 4.

Get best deals for coconut. Any product purchased from the manufacturer is 300 in accordance with the relevant product documentation and our Terms and Conditions of Sale. Additional grounding instructions are provided in the separate Ex documentation, which are only supplied together with hazardous-duty equipment. Page 36 Setting as indicated on sensor nameplate C 1.

This also connects the outer shield to the housing.

Krohne IFC 300 Flow Converter Manual PDF

If the device is not used according to the operating conditions refer to chapter “Technical datathe intended protection could iffc affected. Counter has overrun and started again at zero. Status Table in Sect. Status Output And Limit Switch Reference value for on-site calibration; range: Signal converter monitors cable breaks and short circuits acc.


Optionally available virtual reference offers cost savings and increased process reliability as grounding electrodes and rings are no longer krkhne. Inspect the cartons carefully for damage or signs of rough handling.

Electrical connection is carried out in conformity with the VDE directive “Regulations for electrical power installations with line voltages up to V” or equivalent national regulations.

Page 47 Noisy flow indic and flow pipeline is flowing full, C 1. Same signal like other connected status output, signal can be inverted, see below C2. Current input passive IInp 1 Signal 2 2-wire transmitter e.

KROHNE Ifc ALTOMETER Electromagnetic Flowmeter Signal Converter B | eBay

The factory settings for 3000 operating data have been made in accordance with your order specifications. C checks in progress Test mode of the device. Ensure that the housing gasket is properly fitted, clean and undamaged.

Application test or operator action necessary. These instructions contain important information for the korhne of the device. For IFC W! Avoid continuous direct sunlight. Please observe the corresponding instructions.

Safety Instructions From The Manufacturer The signal cable does not contain any halogens and is unplasticized, and remains flexible at low temperatures. Please see the following examples. All operating data have been set at the factory in accordance with your order specifications.