This review first appeared in the July issue of hi-end hifi magazine High Fidelity of Poland. You can also read this review of the Krell Si in its original . All: Any critiques or recommendations for the Krell Si Integrated? The thing apparently weighs a ton and delivers: Watts into 8 ohm The very first thing that impressed me about this ‘first from China’ Krell (origin unambiguously printed on the rear panel), was the sheer mass of the packed unit .

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And no one will forget the Master Reference subwoofer, an overwhelming pound homage to on-demand seismic energy.

Also embedded is the step analogue volume control, an FET-switched miniaturised surface mount d resistor ladder controlled via a microprocessor and a front panel rotary encoder volume knob. Latest Amplifier Reviews Nov Apr 4 – The menu system controls such functions as balance, input trim, input naming, and muting level.

Shop Recordings Buyer’s Guides More. Its current lineup includes the Evolution series of electronics and LAT speakers.

Krell S i Integrated Amplifiers user reviews : out of 5 – 5 reviews –

w It’s worth noting that when pushed hard the Krell does kerll rather warm, so make sure it’s well ventilated. July 7, – 2: Log in or register to post comments. July 4, – As the story is told 40 years later, Hendrix returned to the English label’s offices to kfell the record along with a photographer and convinced all of the young women to undress for a photo for the UK album cover.

Wojciech Pacula Review system: In general, ya get what ya pay for. It has been absolutely reliable for 20 years; a very strong design. Channel separation was an average and more than satisfactory 3300i at 1kHz and 47dB at 20kHz.

July 6, – 6: A little too dark for my tastes. It looks like a very attractive purchase spec-wise Hi-end devices have clear personalities apparent in either their specific cabinet design, functionality or sound.

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And to very briefly bring up a point I would like to clarify – I think krll had a slight disagreement on a different krel, I only disagreed with the Muscial Fidelity as that particular poster seemed he needed just more raw horsepower than is already generously present in the exceptional Musical Fidelity products in the 6-series lineup. I think I have just been unlucky with some individual parts failing prematurely.

This is not a bridged design. When I visit Krell’s website here: Some critics have commented on a slight orell hiss from this amplifier. But remember to bend your knees. With its overall precision, clout and clarity, the Si gains a very creditable 45 marks for overall sound quality. Micromega M Integrated Amplifier Reviewed How on earth Micromega managed to 300j 2x watts of Class AB amplification and dual power supplies into this slim little integrated amp is beyond us, but it sounds as delicious as it looks.

Later during intense listening sessions with the unit – the Samsung Blu-ray player for the gym was removed from the top of the Krell, as I was able to get it to overheat and politely go into protection. It’s more realistic to say [some piece of gear] has a realistic tone and timber based on your expectation of the live event. I could hear a velvety midrange smoothness slipstreaming alongside the speed and immediacy of this marvelous recording.

These symmetric DC coupled very wide band stages are essentially immune from slewing with audio bandwidth w. Due to my satisfaction with the sound of the Krell I have not been listening to other amps. Go here Review component retail: The down three-goal comeback when down three games to zero in the series helped in my enjoyment too.

I am not interested in another amp just the return of my Krell Si. My Krell while sounding good. On the solo, I found myself jacking the volume higher and higher thankfully my wife wasn’t home as this type of audio insanity is generally reserved for the theater room and involves a fistful of Balvenie 21 portwood with a few drops of water. Krell Si any good.


Krell S-300i Integrated Amplifiers

One minor defect concerned the screws holding the rear power switch bracket which were loosening on this well used example. Input impedance is a very source friendly kohm, with pF of shunt capacitance. That said it lends itself to a peakiness that some call detail. Over the years and specifically as media servers got better and better, my Elan digital amp krel cutting it to audiophile standards.

More so than most rivals, your musical taste will decide whether this Krell appeals or not. Build and finish is very good, like a standard Krell EVOpre-amp.

The presuppositions in it’s usage just run too deep. The unit is remote controlled and has fully balanced operation for reportedly lower noise. August 21, – 6: Output impedance averaged a low 0.

Fit and finish are stunning. Not consistent enough to recommend We thought long and hard w the Si’s star rating: Surrounded with cheap components and cables, they sounded exactly as described. Physical Characteristics Width I upgraded the input caps with the same rather expensive Dynamicaps that Audio Research is using for output coupling in their top preamps, and that made a fairly good amp into an excellent one.

Chamber music and large scale music are well served. The in and out of the time machine swirling audio effects, while clearly studio manufactured, were believable, dynamic and resolute. I am curious if this is from listening to the Si or other Krell equipment?