Kolossal Killer by Kenton Knepper is one of my all time favorite effects in magic. At any time, you can have a random spectator name any card. Search. Home · March 25, | Author: ronald | Category: N/A. This is a Review of the Penguin Download for Kolossal Killer This is a solid trick. The spectator names any card. Totally free choice. You then.

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A spectator can mess with you all they want – RELAX – you can still produce a playing card from your normal wallet, as absolute proof that you knew their card all along! With a bit of practice, you can easily be performing this gem the same day you get kkolossal. It’s a full-blown stage effect, with nothing but the minds of the audience kiler your everyday billfold.

Don’t get me wrong. He told me it was called Kollasal Killer and that it was nearly impossible to find. Nick Locano’s teaching is excellent. Spectators just NAME a playing card, and you have the correct card in your wallet!

The Perfect Kolossal Killer Wallet — The Kaylor Option

Find Out how to pay. You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. Been around a long time, and having seen Nick perform it I know that this one is going to be worth the money.


Mike Donoghue Waiting with baited breath We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for! However, for the price it’s worth a view. I don’t believe this trick was accurately depicted in your advertisement of this trick.

View our magic tricks index. Little Door by R. There are so any other prediction effects that do not need outs that I will never use this. The rest of the time the card in the wallet doesn’t exactly match the one named, but you still turn the trick into a near-miracle through a clever ending. Spectators just NAME a playing kilker, and you have jiller correct card in your wallet.

Created by Kenton KnepperKolossal Killer is an easy effect that you can carry around with you. What’s a good wallet to buy for this effect?

Kolossal Killer has become a true classic of mentalism and magic. If your wallet is stuffed, you may need to use a second one for this trick.

Magic Trick Reviews – Kolossal Killer Review

The End by Rick. Over the years I have bought so many versions of this. I can’t address the elephant in the room on this effect because it will give the method away.

Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. Don’t get me wrong the trick technically works, even they way they show in the trailer, but it’s not as ground breaking as the trailer seems to be. View our Frequent Questions. If I’m told to think of a card, I always think of this; if I randomly pick a card, more often than it ko,ossal be, it’s this card.


View our magic tricks index.

Pablo Performer and Author Mentalism Center: You don’t lead, guide or manipulate them into picking one, specific card. The Boutique for Mystery Performers www. Kenton goes deeply in the psychology of this routine in the original manuscript https: This trick is extremely disappointing and not at all what is depicted in the trailer.

Would that be impressive? The problem is, the statement is not true in a majority of instances. And killler half the price of the manuscript.

I used to do it as an invisisble card type routine in cabaret. The video is deceptive and doesn’t show accurately how the trick unfolds. Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy.

Get the complete original work with all the devious touches in this manuscript just add your own billfold and cards.