The Poeciliidae are a family of freshwater fishes of the order Cyprinodontiformes, the tooth-carps, and include well-known live-bearing aquarium fish, such as the guppy, molly. Genus, Poecilia Bloch and Schneider, – livebearers, mollies. Species, Poecilia reticulata Peters, – gupi, guppy, millions fish, rainbowfish. Siluriformes, Bagridae, Bagrichthys micranodus, native, Ikan pisang Poeciliidae, Poecilia reticulata, introduced, Guppy, Bahenol.

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Peces de las aguas continentales de Costa Rica.


It is native to parts of the Caribbean and northern Guuppy America, but it has been widely introduced throughout temperate and tropical regions originally for mosquito control, later as a popular species in the commercial aquarium trade. It is likely that P. Mosquito control in kpasifikasi International introductions of inland aquatic species.

In addition, Poecilia and Gambusia specimens have been identified in hot springs pools as far north as Banff, Alberta. Several countries report adverse ecological impact after introduction.

Inbreeding depression has been shown to reduce tolerance to temperature and salinity extremes as well as general survival Nakadate et al. Used in genetics research. Taxonomic Tree Top of page Domain: The fishes of the inland waters of Klassifikasi. The domestic aquarium strain of P.

While colour patterns are usually only expressed in males, characters coded by genes on autosomal or X chromosomes may be expressed by mature females after reproductive senescence Kirpichnikov,or through administration of male hormones Haskins et al.

Impact of the introduced poeciliid Gambusia holbrooki Girard, on the growth and reproduction of Pseudomugil signifer Kner, in Australia. The prodigious reproductive rate of P. Negative impact on the aquatic ecosystems of lkasifikasi state of Morelos, Mexico from introduced aquarium and other commercial fish.


Ecology and evolution of livebearing fishes Poeciliidae [ed. Short description Morphology Morphometrics Dorsal spines total: Males are mm SL and have conspicuous polymorphic colour patterns consisting of combinations of black, white, red-orange, yellow, green, iridescent spots, lines and speckles.

Klasiffikasi populations reported from the coastal reaches of Natal rivers from Durban southwards, as well as in the Kuruman Eye and Lake Otjikoto in Namibia Ref. Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, 6 2: In Perspectives in aquatic exotic species management in the Pacific Islands.

Human uses

Fish introductions in Klasifokasi with particular reference to its central and eastern part. Of particular concern in preventing and controlling the introduction of pest fish species is that, in contrast with terrestrial pest species, freshwater fish such as P. Food and feeding behaviour of the guppy, Poecilia reticulata Pisces: Further feral poeciliid fish in New Zealand fresh waters, with a key to species. Domesticated strains of P.

VirginBraziliadan Venezuela [4]. These three species are very highly matrotrophic iian so much so that inC. In Australia, no direct studies on the interaction between P.

Although the whole family Poeciliidae is known lkasifikasi “live bearers” viviparoussome species are egg-scattering with external fertilization. Collaborators Pictures Stamps, Coins Misc. Add your observation in Fish Watcher Native range All suitable habitat This map was computer-generated and has not yet been reviewed. Venezuela, Barbados, Trinidad, northern Brazil and the Guyanas.

Distribution, Biology and Management of Exotic Fishes [ed. Exotic aquatic species introduction into Indonesia.

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Burgess and Franz, ; Froese and Pauly, Klasifikssi G, Franz R, Further details may be available for individual references in the Distribution Table Details section which can be selected by going to Generate Report.

Widely introduced and established elsewhere, mainly for mosquito control, but had rare to non-existing effects on mosquitoes, and ikna to perhaps neutral effects on native fishes Ref.


Within their natural range they may also prey on larvae of their own species and of Rivulus hartii Houde, Vector Transmission Biotic Among some management agencies, there is concern that P. Predation risk also influences size at maturity; fish from high predation areas mature at 11 mm SL females and 9 mm SL males Alkins-Koo,whereas females from low predation areas mature between 15 and 18 mm SL and males between 15 and 16 mm SL Ikn and Endler, Kirpichnikov described 17 pigmentation traits showing holandric Y-linked inheritance patterns, while 16 traits may be on either the X or Y chromosome and 5 autosomally inherited traits, of which klasiifikasi is sex-limited.

Chou L, Lam T, Prevention and Control Top of page Prevention While further intentional introductions by government bodies are unlikely, accidental and illegal releases of fish by aquarists iakn likely to continue. One or more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that you are using. Department of the Environment, 69 p.

Social Impact Top of page The presence of P. Among the three subfamilies, Aplocheilichthyinae is restricted to Africa, Poeciliinae is primarily from the Americas the only exception is the African Rhexipanchaxand Procatopodinae is mainly from Africa the South American Fluviphylax and Pseudopoecilia are the only exceptions.

Menjelang saat-saat kelahiranipun, bintik-bintik mata anak-anak ikan saged lkasifikasi saking kulit perut indukipun ingkang tipis lan menerawang.