The acceleration sensor is based on an advanced piezoresistive MEMS sensor element that provides extraordinary dynamics and stability. With over cataloged products, Kistler offers acceleration sensors across the entire acceleration spectrum. Not only have many new individual sensors and. The Kistler AM10 PiezoSMART® accelerometer simultaneously measures vibration and shock in three, mutually perpendicular axes (x, y and z).

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Kistler’s piezoelectric acceleration sensors always keep precise track of amplitude and frequency when measuring vibrations. Join us on social network. Thank you for your interest! Kistler’s Kkstler technology assures insensitivity to base strain, thermal transients and transverse cross-axis acceleration.

Long-term stability and accuracy is achieved by use of a quartz crystal sensing element. The sensor is constructed in a hermetically sealed, welded, titanium case.

Thank you very much for your interest in our products and services. Acceleration Sensors Accelerometers From Kistler Instrument Corporation Kistler expands its acceleration sensor product lines to cover all acceleration applications.

Kistler Model 8793A500M10 PiezoSMART® Triaxial Accelerometer

Ground isolated Display all I accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All types are of stainless steel welded construction, hermetically sealed in a unique flat package design that will provide many years of reliable operation. Operation in the shear mode reduces sensitivity to thermal transients, base strain and transverse motion. The electrically isolated base prevents potential ground loop problems. In bridge-building and space travel too, vibration measurement is a key factor in verifying safety and cost-effectiveness.


Ceramic Shear Miniature Triaxial Accelerometer, 50 … g | Kistler

X, Y and Z. Not only have many new individual sensors kustler accessories been introduced in recent months, but a new family of eight ceramic shear sensors, featuring high output ceramic elements is now available. This triaxial design allows simultaneous shock and vibration measurements in three mutually perpendicular axes: The quartz crystal sensing elements afford excellent long-term stability that ensure repeatable, accurate measurements for many years.

A Teflon integral accelerometwr is attached to solder terminals which are potted to permit cable repair.

The kistldr impedance voltage output minimizes noise pick-up and eliminates the need for highly insulated low noise cables. Please check your mailbox and follow the link in the confirmation e-mail to confirm your subscription.

Kistler Model AM10 PiezoSMART Triaxial Accelerometer

The sensor is constructed in an environmentally sealed, welded, titanium case. Quartz sensing crystals ensure the long-term stability not achievable with other sensing materials. No Yes Yes, optional. For installation ease, the sensors are housed in a convenient cube shaped package. The units are designed with a top connector for convenience and reliability.


As well as generic acceleration sensors, Kistler offers a vast range of customized solutions for acceleration measurement in specific applications see the information box on the right.

All units are hermetically sealed and are constructed of titanium.

Kistler Accelerometers Catalogue This well documented, easy to read catalogue provides comprehensive information on all Kistler products for the measurement of acceleration. Acoustic emission measuring cha The unit is designed for mounting with an adhesive or mounting wax.

With Kistler’s unique K-Shear design, the inaccuracies long associated with industrial acceleration measurements are eliminated.

These sensors are constructed in a welded, hermetically sealed titanium case. It features a rugged all welded, hermetic construction with an electrical ground isolation.