Irish crime novelist Ken Bruen tells Bob Flynn how he exorcised his The Guards, then subverts the premise with his protagonist-narrator. A woman makes an unlikely choice by asking Jack Taylor to investigate the apparent suicide of her teenage daughter in Galway. Jack is ex. Ken Bruen (born ) is an Irish writer of hard-boiled and noir crime fiction. Bruen’s works include the well-received White Trilogy and The Guards. In

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Books by Ken Bruen. There are plenty of fictional sleuths who read crime fiction.

It was published within a year of his return, and he resumed teaching at a school for marginalized children. Well, he actually spends most of his time soaking up booze but he still tries to help people when he can.

What really carries the book is the main-character. The Guards remain as a chorus in the background, never hruen past, infringing on Jack Taylor at the least expected moment.

The Guards

Just know that this pint of creamy Guinness may not be to your taste. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Auch gibt es kein Vorwort o. Great spotlight as always, Margot — thanks! As soon as I turned the last page of this one, I immediately ordered the next book. But as I noted above, the plot is not the real story here, so this novel shouldn’t be read for the mystery storyline.

Jack Taylor geht zum Teufel Ken Bruen. Almost pure dialog and action, this is the tale of a shit-faced Galway drunk, drummed out of the Guards an Irish police force, I gather and reduced to a sort of half-assed detective.

Be the first to discover new talent! It isn’t often that you get to read a book by someone who writes in a completely original manner, yet is still intelligible. I loved Bruen’s sparse prose.


The Irish don’t really go in for that PI stuff, too close to snitching. So I went to college jen study English.

His Brant series are my favorites and are a bit more humorous but feature a chauvinistic pig with a heart in Brant.

A life in writing: Ken Bruen | Books | The Guardian

This book is the first in a series featuring Jack Taylor a disgraced former policeman battling booze and personal demons. After his release, Bruen based himself in Brixton, where he started work on his first novel, Funeralsabout an Irish boy who attends funerals as if they were football matches.

Not really a mystery in the usual sense since the culprit well the one responsible for the ostensible crime is huards early on. Jackson, author of “Badger Games “”The Guards is an astounding novel, a poetic account of a desperation as deep and cold as the North Sea, retribution, and resurrection. One where the main character gets a case, starts investigating it, finds clues and in the end solves the tbe. Perhaps only a third of the book is actually dedicated to Jack investigating the crime, the rest he spends She wants Taylor to find out the truth.

Oh, there’s a story nibbling around the edges regarding some missing women and the bad men who did them i The blurbs on the back of Ken Bruen’s novel The Guards are impressive: Ksn read the first three of Bruen’s books together: Visit Me on Facebook.

However what is said is exquisite and gives more detail than any bguen passages could give us. Jack Taylor, dishonorably discharged from the guards after having physically assaulted a member of high standing succumbs further to the allure of the drink; that bottomless pit brueh clouded reality seen through shot and pint glasses alike. Praised by authors and critics around the globe, The Guards heralds the arrival of an essential new novelist in contemporary crime fiction.

His clientele; the downright desperate. Feb brjen, Lisa Harmonybites rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Adding nothing to the story, except to constantly remind you that you are reading a book by someone who has read books.


It remains to be seen if Jack Taylor will have a career as long and as successful as Matthew Scudder, but The Guards is a promising start. He’s approached by a mother to investigate the suicide of her daughter, which she insists was instead a murder.

The Guards : Ken Bruen :

Close my eyes and there was a table. A quirky little novel. The city is exploding, emigration has reversed and we are fast becoming a cosmopolitan guardw. From the blurbs of the future books it seems like they focus much more on the crime part. Jack’s voice, the overall pacing and short chapters full of snappy dialogue made this a fast read at one sitting and left me feeling I wouldn’t mind more, despite this being that dark and cynical blend you find in hard-boiled fiction that usually leaves me cold.

I enjoy Bruen’s writing, especially the dialogue and Irish colloquialisms, and the plot is OK. Jack Taylor was once in the Garda Siochana–the Irish police–but self-destructed with the aid of drink.


Anyone raised Irish Catholic will feel the rhythm of the language and taste the grief and the guilt that many of us carry around. There’s not enough alcohol or Valium in the world to wipe out those memories, and there’s the odd night when I’m back in the cell,” Bruen says.

Dozens of creamy Guinness lined brudn greeting.

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