What you are about to read was co-written by Dave Kekich from his “Kekich’s Credo,” by the late great Gary Halbert, and by yours truly. Enjoy! 1. More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. All of the Kekich Credos can be downloaded for free. User: kekich, pwd: credo The Kekich Credos adapted for both health and wellness and business building. 2. Make It Big by Frank McKinney (the chapter titles). 3. The 34 Maverick.

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It also erodes your health. It takes a lifetime of effort to build a good reputation but only a moment of stupidity to destroy it. Lying is for thieves credo cowards. To waste time is to waste your life. You are responsible for exactly who, what and where you are in life.

(*&$# My Comfort Zone

This is where most people fail. Life rewards action… not reaction. Pay only on performance. To maximize opportunities, seek and master the complicated. Fill your life with positive expectations.

How you react to them is. Protect oekich compensation before performing. A They reach their breaking point and finally do something about it, or B Are terminated. It also erodes your health.

The best investment you will ever make is your steady increase of knowledge. Kekich Credos from Karla Silver.

You get what you expect, not what you want. Strip all limits from your imagination on every deal and look for an unconventional creative opportunity in every mistake, crisis or problem. Take full control of, and responsibility for, your conscious mind and every aspect of your life. Memories are fallible, and death is ctedos so far. Always have kemich explicit goals and visualize them intensely.


All science and most progress is built on the Scientific Method most non-scientists use it by accident. Success comes quickly to those whom develop great powers of intense sustained concentration.

The right thing is usually not the easy thing to do.

100 Success Secrets from the Kekich Credos

Cut all ties with dishonest, negative or lazy people, and associate with people who share your values. You are a masterpiece of life and should feel and appreciate this all the way down to your bones. If you want to accomplish anything, get out of your comfort zone. People will do almost anything to stay in their comfort zones. Of course, change is a scary word. Discipline is the result of dedication and willpower.

Identify exactly what it is you want. Focus first on doing the right things, and then on doing things right by mastering details. Strong leadership kejich the key. The source of lasting happiness can never come from outside yourself through consuming values — but only from within credod by creating values.

Refuse to be swayed by emotion when it conflicts with reason. Become a communications expert. Stay strong kekcih never give in. Make important decisions carefully, consider your gut feelings -then pull the trigger.

No dream is too big. Prospecting and increasing the average value and frequency of sales are the bedrock of marketing and business. However, getting out of the old comfort zone is something everyone deals with and struggles to overcome. All other business functions are costs.


The essences of business are: All else is out of your control. Anyone can learn the physical mechanics. Keep fully insured physically and materially and keep hedged emotionally. A test for the hypothesis to see if it works. No dream is too big.

You are exactly what you believe and think about all day long. That fateful day at the gym began what was initially a search for solutions to his injury, but it eventually landed him on the path of longevity and anti-aging research. When someone makes a big issue about his honesty or achievements, he is probably dishonest or a failure. Once checked out, things begin spiraling out of control until one of two things occurs: Things are seldom as bleak as they seem when they are going wrong — or as good as they seem when they are going well.

(*&$# My Comfort Zone – Karla Silver

Achievement comes from the sum of consistent small efforts, repeated daily. If there is not a conscious struggle to be honest in difficult situations, you are probably being dishonest. The upside will take care of itself.