THE. ORTHODOX. WAY. Archimandrite Kallistos Ware. ST. VLADIMIR’S SEMINARY PRESS. CRESTWOOD, NY I This book is a general account of the doctrine, worship and life of Orthodox Throughout the book, Bishop Kallistos Ware shows the meaning of Orthodox. We are going to use the book, The Orthodox Way by Kallistos Ware. It?s a brilliant text that gets at the heart and essence of Orthodox Christianity. His other book.

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With such thinking, one can very easily, and with good intention, eventually find himself outside the secure boundaries which the Holy Fathers, in their wisdom, established for us. In fact, I would reclassify this book as being “basic Christian theology,” since I can’t imagine any trinitarian Christian rejecting any of the content here kalkistos Catholics with the filioque.

In the extant fragments of his commentary on Job, however, St. It was enlightening to read a clearly written book about it that explains the logic as well as the passions behind the Orthodox faith. God as Trinity 3. It’s gotten to me rethink and reexamine a number of things about my Christian journey in this life, and see fundamental truths in Christianity from a different view that of the Eastern Church, a branch of Christianity that has existed little changed from its beginnings.

Bishop Kallistos goes into the fundamental beliefs of Orthodox Christianity, but, unlike too many Christian theologists and academics, avoids the tendencies either to turn Christianity’s vitality into something dry and mind-numbingly dull or to get bogged down into arcane arguments akin to “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin”.


Moreover, where, in any recognized and right-believing Patristic source, can one find any support for such troubling and frightful speculation?

Mar 10, Donovan Richards rated it it was amazing. Interestingly enough, incidentally, even Calvins teaching on this aspect of Soteriology was condemned by most of his contemporaries, both Protestant and Catholic, as a “new, unheard-of heresy.

Saint George Greek Orthodox Church

While Ware explores the basic tenets of Orthodoxy in this book, I will focus on the contrasts between Orthodoxy and Western Christianity.

From what sorts of wells are we to imbibe this “something more”? It is beautifully written and clearly exposits the Eastern faith not merely propositionally, but as a living faith. I was, thus, understandably excited to see The Orthodox Way in the list of extra readings for one of my classes, and quickly picked it up.

If it were possible to give this kallisto six stars, I would. John the Baptist himself, were in the same hell. When I’m mor No review because I didn’t finish it. Lists with This Book. It is not clear whom he means by “many,” nor does he divulge the identity of the few who presumably have said this openly.

The Orthodox Way by Kallistos Ware

The dialogue advanced swimmingly between the parties until the priest asked if my grandparents were Orthodox. He could have divided it into ancient and modern authors, without prejudging whether such figures as Origen and Synesios are kallietos Fathers,” as he characterizes them. He is surely familiar with the teaching of St. We can, and do, expect more of an author to whom we are forever indebted for his superb and pioneering contributions to an understanding of Orthodox theology in the West, including such liturgical classics as the Festal Menaion and the Lenten Triodion.


His Grace gives due emphasis to the apophatic way of theologizing, and explains very clearly the Essence-Energies distinction, without apologizing for it and without trying to find Western ksllistos for it. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

I think some of these “Intro to Orthodoxy” books kalistos to put newcomers off because they are tempted to feel offended. Blake Greenlee – Christianbook. Does “everything” include sin? The word is linked to the verb?

Our God is unknowable in His essence, yet known in His energies. And yet, Bishop Kallistos reasons, if Christ descended into Hell, He must have descended into the depths of the absence of God. My library Help Advanced Book Search. One would think that the excellent writings of Professor Constantine Cavarnos which are uncompromisingly Orthodox in their content and many of which have appeared at least in Finnish translationto cite but one example, might also have been selected as tne texts; but evidently even back in the s, they were either downplayed or for some reason deemed less useful.

God as Man 5. May 12, Seraphim rated it it was amazing.