Is anyone using this software to receive weatherfaxes and rtty transmissions? I am trying the freeware version without much success so far. JVComm32 is a multipurpose program for the reception of HF-FAX Licence Free to try | $ OS Support Windows Downloads Total. The other minor problem is that JVComm32’s normally helpful “help” file displays the list topics in the “find” function in German. The rest of the “help” file is in.

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There are no ToolTips available with the icons. Boat Ramp – just so funny.

The cause for the extra thickness was that the metal cover on the card was not securely installed on that edge. The demodulator with the WeatherStation automatically removes skew in the received chart. More on this later. If you like it and use it, you should pay for it. If your frequency or level settings are incorrect, you will miss the beginning of the broadcast and you may have to wait 10 or 15 minutes for the beginning of the next transmission. Vjcomm32 undocumented command allowed us to change the background to white.

Use search on the threads as there is some relevant info on this forum posted not long ago.

$68 JVComm32 Best Buy in PC-Based HF Weatherfax

Originally Posted by mikereed Interesting. To receive these broadcasts, you need a shortwave receiver or a frequency-tunable SSB radio. When that happens, the chart on the screen disappears without any warnings.


On page 2 of the manual is the following warning: My suspicion is that there is a problem with getting the signal to the computer. Comprehensive comparisons of pumps, batteries, solar panels, wind generators, inverter-chargers, watermakers, propellers, toilets, engines, and other marine systems.

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Once we were sailing from Bermuda to Antigua and listening closely to Herb on Southbound II give his synopsis of what we could expect for weather.

How much training do you need to be Five pages are devoted to HF weatherfax capture. The program will work with some demodulators, but we did not test this, instead preferring to examine the lowest cost solution for each of these software packages.

Hence, you need to be ready: Tuning was a snap and allowed very fine control of the picture quality.

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Download JVComm32 registration

This allowed us to set the volume to a comfortable level while trying to tune the station. Anywhere between 5 to 20 percent of the contents of a portable or installed polyethylene tank can vanish during the course of a year, the result of breathing losses and permeation.


Other countries also broadcast weatherfax information. How does one find the URL. Originally Posted by BirdoPassage. The other side of the demodulator connects to the radio. Getting a clean signal is not obvious depending on how much RF noise exists in your location.

Is anyone using this software to receive weatherfaxes and rtty transmissions? That said, we had no problems getting the demodulator to properly receive an HF weatherfax chart.

Trimaran – Especially Searunner It will capture weather charts and photos from any sources, including the Internet, satellites and HF broadcasts. The jvomm32 ring on the plug is not used, though there is nothing in the documentation about why the stereo jelp is used instead of the mono plug.

When you first start the program, you need to set up the communication options.

But they likely are if you used the default set-up and a typical fax station. The package comes with a demodulator that hep to a serial port, an page manual and a CD-ROM for installing the program. HF weatherfax broadcasts consist of two tones—a tone for a black level and a different tone for a white level.

Fishing Kit Dream Purchase. That being jvcommm32, make sure you’re tuned to USB and then adjust the frequency until the signal is split between the threshold.