More than 27% of total phenolics were lost in blanched refiner. the increasing loss of lycopene and total phenolics during steam blanching could occur when. Keywords: Enzymatic browning, dipping, blanching, coating, preservation. Introduction. Fruit and vegetables have health benefits for consumers, due to their. Abstract. The effect of hot-water blanching (HWB) on drying characteristics and product qualities of dried apple slices with the novel integrated.

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Tepung Singkong SNI Color measurements of freeze-dried samples and rehydrated samples were carried out by using a colorimeter NH, Shenzhen 3nh Technology Co.

Retaining the original shape of the materials is an essential requirement for FD products. Apple samples with hot-water pretreatment were performed with vacuum freezing treatment and freeze-drying process. Correspondence should be addressed to Hai-ou Wang ; moc.

View at Google Scholar N. However, further investigation should be carried out on the product quality especially how to maximally retain the original shape of freeze-dried samples. PAU Pangan dan Gizi. In order to simplify the food FD processes and shorten the drying time, we proposed a novel integrated freeze-drying NIFD processing technology based on the principle of vacuum cooling and vacuum freeze dryer [ 910 ].

Additionally, high-temperature blanching itself can relax and soften the apple tissue and undermine the mechanics properties of porous structure in freeze-dried apple slices [ 40 ], which can also contribute to the hardness reduction of dried samples in HWB-VF-FD and HWB-PF-FD.

Institut Pertanian Bogor, Bogor. In other words, the higher mass loss, the lower frozen temperature.

Article Tools Print this article. The freezing time of jurnql VF and PF treatment was set as 0. Jugnal HWB pretreatment, cell wall and membrane were tightly bonded with each other, and the cell membrane was thick, intact, and continuous in shape and dimension. In this study, two different freezing methods were carried out in the vacuum freeze dryer: And some experiments of fruits and vegetables including apple were performed by this NIFD processing technology [ 910 ].

This journal is published under the terms of blabching is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4. The only step of vacuum freezing in the NIFD process can meet the requirements of the steps of cooling, draining, and freezing in the CFD process, which can save the prime-investment and space occupation of the corresponding facilities and equipment and simplify the assembly line and the operation process. The measurements were performed 5 times for samples in each method treatment and the average values were reported.

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Materials and Methods 2.

Pengaruh Blanching terhadap Sifat Antioksidasi Sirup Kunir Putih (Curcuma Mangga Val.)

Tropical Sources of Starch. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. This study aims to find the physicochemical properties of orange sweet potato flour. Keywords anthocyanins, blanching; citric acid; dioscorea; polyphenols.

Hardness force at fracture is viewed as one of the important textural properties for dried food products. Meanwhile, the center temperature of the apple slices was monitored in real time by the control system.

View at Google Scholar A.

Firstly, the SEM images were turned into gray level and binarized by using an automatic image processing method based on the gray jyrnal difference between adjacent pixels, which was performed using Matlab code Mathworks, Inc.

To examine the inhibitory effects of acidic soaking and steam blanching on polyphenol oxidase activities, these experiments used four levels of citric acid 0, 0. The measurements were carried out on 5 apple slice samples for each FD method and the average values were taken for analysis.

The CFD process technology is characterized by many disadvantages including complicated process steps, large jirnal occupation, huge equipment investment, frequent materials transferring, long drying time, and high production blanchinv [ 14 ]. It is well known that blanching is an important processing step during commercial drying of vegetables and fruits [ 11 ].

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Blanching in citric acid medium at 80 o C for 5 minutes resulted a highest antioxidant activity of the white saffron syrup. The types of treatments during milling process should be taken into account; for instance, soaking in citric acid and blanching in order to preserve the bioactive compounds.

The vacuum condition is maintained by the vacuum pump.

The measurements of mass loss and frozen temperature jhrnal carried out in triplicate for each processing method and the average values were taken for analysis.


Finally, the samples were double-stained using uranyl acetate and lead citrate.

Journal of Food Quality

Keywords orange sweet potato, blanching, drying. After HWB pretreatment, cell membrane was partly detached from cell wall and became thinner and partially broken, banching can contribute to the results of the dehydration and softening in cell tissue, the increase of cell membrane permeability, and the decrease in tissue hardness. Therefore the novel integrated freeze-drying processing technology was proposed. It can be concluded that HWB pretreatment was the main factor accounting for the difference in contents, while the blxnching method was not.

The fact that blanching pretreatment can lead to some soluble solid loss in fruits tissue had been verified by some available research literatures [ 3738 ].

Pengaruh Blanching terhadap Sifat Antioksidasi Sirup Kunir Putih (Curcuma Mangga Val.) – Neliti

State Intellectual Property Office of the P. Meanwhile, water content and water solubility index in the range 4. Apparent photographs of freeze-dried samples with 3 freeze-drying methods. The above expected effect blsnching achieved. The sample volume was determined by the volumetric displacement method using glass beads with a diameter in the range 0.

It is well known that ice crystal size is closely related to the freezing rate. L value has decreased until The materials are then transferred into freezing unit and FD unit. Budidaya dan Analisis Usaha Tani. In Figure 8a significant shrinkage and collapse phenomenon was observed in the freeze-dried samples in VF-FD Figure 8 awhose volume was much smaller than the others, while HWB-VF-FD obtained a flat and full appearance in the samples which was almost the same as that in HWB-PF-FD Figures 8 a and 8 bshowing a good performance of retaining the original shape of fresh materials.

But in practice, conventional freeze-drying process is characterized by many disadvantages including complicated process steps, large space occupation, huge equipment investment, frequent materials transferring, long drying time, and high production cost, which greatly reduced economic competitiveness of FD products.