ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY. TFIS^ATRE GUILD. *JUNO A|.lD THE PAYCOCK”. BY. SEAN O’CASEY. AT THE I{UT. Monday. May 3l. Tuesday – — June 1. Wedrcday. Title. Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey. Author. O’Casey, Sean, Availability. Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons. We need this text in an online format (preferrably not split but in one piece).’ and find homework help for other Juno and the Paycock questions at eNotes.

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Though I don’t blame him for fightin’ shy of people like that Joxer fella an’ that ouT Madigan wan — nice sort o’ people for your father to inthroduce to a man like Mr.

Boyle tidies up the room, puts the shovel under the bed, and goes to the press. She goes off with the gramophone. Very nicely rendered indeed.

Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey

Because I love him with all my heart and soul, mother. He has evidently gone through a rough time. The two of us was ofen in a tight corner.

An’ to think of me forgettin’ about him bein’ brought to the church to-night, an’ we singin’ an’ all, but it was well we hadn’t the gramophone goin’, anyhow. Juno can tell you there what. A Die-hard he was, be all accounts. Puttin’ aside all formularies, I suppose you remember me lendin’ you some time ago three pouns that I raised on blankets an’ furniture in me uncle’s? I dhroad it, mother, I dhread it I Mrs.


Why did they sack her? Boyle crosses by in front of Mrs. You don’t happen to want a sewin’ machine? At other end are a cheap teasel, a bottle of whisky and several bottles of stout. Were circumstances favourable, she would probably be a handsome, active and clever woman.

Anthony isn’t enough, but he must have another wan to the Virgin here! Ah, dhry up, for God’s sake!

Boyle ; a little exercise, now, might do you all the good in paycck world. JOXER makes hastily for the door. I seen things, I seen things, Joxer, that no mortal man should speak about that knows his Catechism. The foreman on the job is an oul’ butty o’ Joxer’s; I have an idea that I know him meself.

Are yous goin’ to put on th’ gramophone to-night, or paycockk yous not? Mary, humanity is above everything ; we are the Leaders in the fight for a new life.

I don’t know what any o’ yous ud do without your ma. He’s gone now— the Lord be good to him! Money — what money? Silver coins for BOYL. Madigan as she seizes the gramophone. The News o’ the World! Boyle moving from door R. Boyle retreats towards l. Boyle, surprised and a little frightenedt sits on chair t l.

;aycock replaces the teapot on the hob, and again sits still for a few mo- menis. It’s a pity we didn’t go down at breakfast first thing this mornin’ — we might ha’ been working now; but you didn’t know it then.


Well, I like your danm cheek I Boyle inside room. You needn’t, thanks; I want to be by meself. I’m glad you think so— I don’t. The men carry ovX the table. How much would a top-coat like that be, now? This is a very sudden demand, Mrs. An’ I notice that that Bentham fella doesn’t be comin’ here now — there must be somethin’ on the mat there too.

Full text of “Juno And The Paycock()”

She looks venomously round the room ; her eye lights on the gramophone standing on top of the chest of drawers. A well-worn annehair beside fireplace. He attends the sausage with afork. Come on, come on; that doesn’t matther; I’m masther now, an’ I’m goin’ to remain masther.

Jerry, you won’t be long findin’ a girl far betther than I am for your sweetheart.

[OTA] Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey

He lifts his head at the high note, and then drops his eyes to the pan. I know nothing about Tancred. As she reaches door, Mary enters, tired and dejected.

Johnny appearing in his shirt and trousers at the door on l. Madigan that I hope we’ll have the pleasure of her organization at our little enthertainment.

She goes over to Mrs.