BLOW-UP (Las babas del diablo) Source for information on Blow-Up (Las Babas del Diablo) by Julio Cortázar, Reference Guide to Short Fiction. A young girl spends her summer vacation in a country house where a tiger roams A man reading a mystery finds out too late that he is the murderer’s. Praise for Blow-Up and Other Stories: “[Cortazar] is a unique storyteller. He can induce the kind of chilling unease that strikes like a sound in the night.” —Time.

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Upon noticing the photographer, the boy runs away, “like a gossamer filament of angel-spit in the morning air. No, I hadn’t, I replied. Blow Up Neither the protagonist nor the author reveals everything that has to be told about the story. Often I would drift off while reading, and they would enter my dreams, the axolotls and the sentences both, together. The Pursuer — Actually more of a novella, a long treatment of a jazz musician in struggle with reality, with music his escape and his bane, and the center of his struggle.

These were wonderfully surreal, yet easy to follow – just what I was looking for.

Blow-Up by Julio Cortazar | : Books

But it is extra disappointing when a book that starts out so well, ends up with a long stretch of stories that are just ok. I was reading it aloud, which is interesting and a little tricky, because the words here perform very strange and nuanced tricks of tone and configuration, resulting in elegant sentences that don’t always make immediate sense. Published February 12th by Pantheon first published Comparison with other writers is difficult because he seems to have a voice all of his own.

May 23, Mattia Ravasi rated it really liked it. This feeling pf unreliability spreads its way through the other stories; in ‘Continuity of Parks’ the reader is killed by the very murderer he is reading about, in ‘The Idol of Cyclades’ a Borgesian thriller in which the homicidal mad-man may not be the person the reader originally anticipates it being or in ‘Bestiary’ where a-perhaps real or perhaps imaginary tiger stalks the house and imagination of the narrator.

The girl herself has her own secrets from dealing with the French Resistance, and possibly with said German soldier in another timeline. Fans of the quirkier and more sinister tales might be put off by the more sprawling, epiphanic stories, and vice-versa, but what can you do – it’s still a must read. View all 22 comments. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Swinging between his lyricism and metaphysics, I feel as if he gets into my head, digs out some of my strangest, hazy dreams and describes them in his own sensual, magical way At Your Service — Great voice here, very warm and personal and different from every other narrator in these: Imagine a man claims to be his object of obsession.


Like Borges, he operates in a territory where time and memory bleed in and out of each other, where reality flirts with the surreal, the magical and the menacing but is still grounded by the concrete, charmed details of everyday existence. The title story, on which Antonioni’s famous film is based, in one of the stand out stories in the collection.

The English translation likewise fails to convey an adequate impression of the original, particularly its symbolism. I found then vividly experimental in nature, and a mixture of all sorts of things, some surrealism, a strong sense of symbolism, a little bit nouveau roman, and the Borgesian fantastical. Imagine that old gentlemen instead in flip-flops and a greasy t-shirt, and you might have some kind of metaphor for the way Cortazar writes. He influenced an entire generation of Latin American writers juloi Mexico to Argentina, and most of his best-known work was written in France, where he established himself in A lot of these stories were fairly pedestrian when compared to the experimentalism of 62 or even the previously mentioned title story.

Cortazar’s Blowup: Analysis

In the past, I have neglected short stories, in part because of an early preference for huge novels that I could escape in for days at a time. Cortazar- Certainly a literary master!!

Ultimately, the reader must inquire how reliable Michel is in his role as narrator. Once you read one story, you begin to see the pattern and start looking for it, which is incredibly distracting, especially when you’re trying to focus your eyes on those mysterious sentences at the bottom of the tank. Mar 27, Christy rated it really liked it Shelves: While sitting in a small park a month earlier, Michel had been intrigued by his observation of an encounter between a mature, fortyish woman and a boy of perhaps 15 years.

Is it neotenous metamorphosis or unconscious awareness?

As if they can define it, which only a conscious being can do. Her point of view is used as an accusing finger at the hypocrisy, meanness and fake glitter of the haute-monde.

You are up here in cortazaar heavenly jazz tree, on a higher branch then where I am sitting, laughing at the sadness of the cortazqr stuck in its own grass and mortar rather than taking a ride in the whirlwind of imagination, reading Blow-Up, Axolotl, House Taken Over, Continuity of Parks, End of the Game and other stories in this little book of yours.


But I would say the wonderful flow of the words serves the mechanism, it creates a necessary slipperiness, a fluidity, an essential changeability. That made me jumpy, Bruno, that they felt sure of themselves. I actually wish I had juljo these stories before skipping and jumping through Hopscotch – as that novel represents a culmination in the progression of style initiated in these excellent stories.

In retrospect, though you spend the length of the julko dangerously awash in his voice and self-justification, he’s a total vampire, which is probably a not-inaccurate portrait of certain parts of jazz journalism and cortazqr in those times. Still willing to give “Hopscotch” a go, though! The Distances — Perhaps reconfiguration of Axolotl over a different spatial and personal system, to very different ends.

My initial reaction was a little more ambiguous, see discussion below The Secret Weapons — An excellently creepy ghost story of another kind, where history and bllow may be the things that haunt and consume.

In the forms of unsnapped photographs, the story is told, with a single click to blow up someone’s devious scheme and to free a poor boy, and ending up with a large sized photograph of an illusory reality. The question of magical realism as his style is debatable.

But what his stories overwhelm with is eccentricity. Jan 20, Jimmy rated it really liked it Shelves: This collection, first published incontains translations of 14 of Cortazar’s early short stories, as well as “The Pursuer”, an exploration of a jazz musician’s creative demons which the author dedicated to Charlie Parker. Now I am an axolotl!

Blow-Up and Other Stories

In only two pages it can be said to contain everything a wh I had the same problem with this book that I’ve had with most of the short story collections I’ve read the last few years.

Te hype is in his case entirely justified, at least as far as I am concerned. The theme of confused identity and soul changing will be reiterated in other stories in the cottazar, almost always with an unexpected ending and a provocation to make sense of events that defy logic and common sense. Chan Parker is Lan, Pree is Bee.

Coetazar Idol of the Cyclades — Actually, in some ways Axolotl is the purest example of a technique repeated in many variations throughout this collection: View all 23 comments. While reading this book, I turned into the book, but remained myself looking at the book looking at me.