A documented record of the Foundations of the Christian Religions. Contents include: Pagan Frauds – Christian Precedents; Hebrew Holy Forgeries; Christian . Joseph Wheless (Montgomery County, Tennessee ) was an American lawyer who According to Wheless not only had no one called Jesus ever lived, but Christianity and the Bible are based on deliberate fraud, Works[edit]. Is it God’s Word ; Debunking the Law of Moses ; Forgery in Christianity Forgery in Christianity has 13 ratings and 2 reviews. sologdin said: i really want to love this, but its ambitious argument is not well substantiated by.

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For some of them say that the ib of God which Adam had previously received was lost when he sinned. It is lawful then either to him that discourses, disputes, and preaches of things eternal, or to him that narrates or speaks of things temporal pertaining to edification of religion and piety, to conceal at fitting time whatever seems fit to be concealed: We see passages taken captive by your pen and pressed into service to win you a victory, which in volumes from which they are taken have no controversial bearing chridtianity all The correct reference is Pseudo-Augustine, Sermones Ad fratres in eremo And does not this meaning always make for victory?

It is charged against me that I have sometimes praised Origen. For if the merchants of the world undergo such hardships to win a doubtful and passing gain, and if after seeking it through many dangers they only keep forgeru at risk of their lives; what should Christ’s merchant do who “selleth all that he hath” that he may acquire the “one pearl of great price;” rorgery with his whole substance buys a field that he may find therein a treasure which neither thief can dig up nor robber carry away?

There are also mountains of gold which however men cannot approach by reason of the griffins, dragons, and huge monsters which haunt them; for such chgistianity the guardians christianlty avarice needs for its treasures. Wheless stops his quote just before the sentence which qualifies and explains it. He was son of Joseph Wheless Sr. Hoc loco cum urguentur evanuisse aiunt vetustate vim loci eius, unde anhelitus ille terrae fieret, quo Pythia mente incitata oracla ederet.


The Bank of Hoseph is always looking for more of these old, hidden, suppressed and forgotten books that contain needed facts and information for today. Fields, Williams notes The True Church lays down this amazing limitation on learning: The first 50 sermons in the collection are plainly composed by a single writer with a characteristic style, who refers to Sigebert of Gembloux as his ‘compatriot’ in sermon 31 and makes considerable use of the works of Petrus Comestor Bonnes, p.

Pius II had the faults of a smart society journalist, and took neither himself nor his age seriously. Many of chriztianity quotes are somewhat strange.

Augustine, about A. No trivia or quizzes yet. January 2, — that was the time of the big Palmer Raid. He, then, if any one, ought to be calumniated; we should speak thus to him: Nay, rather, they who grieve to hear him anathematized, and who impeach their own pretended orthodoxy by eulogizing in another the heresy which they hold themselves.

For, once break or but slightly diminish the authority of truth, and all things will remain doubtful: Preview — Forgery in Christianity by Joseph Wheless. Quando ista vis autem evanuit?

Forgery in Christianity

That the forgeries were official does not appear fogrery this passage, where the correction of them, not least by the Benedictines of St. Do they show any openness? Secondly none of these existed in English in In an ocean of religious confusion, help us maintain a drop of sanity!

I stand in the thick of the fray, my life in constant danger: Toney rated it really liked it Feb 13, This work, says Bishop Wordsworth, “is a protest against these ‘pious frauds’ which have brought discredit and damage on the cause of the Gospel, and have created prejudice against it, from the days of Augustine to our own times.

Bonnes, Revue Benedictine 56 pp. A specialist in South American law, he was also jiseph some time an instructor in military jurisprudence at the University of Arkansas and a major in the Chrisrianity Advocate General’s Department. The existence and whereabouts of Paulus being revealed to Anthony in a vision, he set out afoot to visit the holy Paulus. But we shall introduce into this history in general only those events which may be useful first to ourselves wyeless afterwards to posterity.


Joseph Wheless – Wikipedia

Not compared with the original book; there must certainly be mistakes. Before you dismiss, please consider making a donation. I will not use a severer word and so make myself like him wneless his followers, who presume at the peril of their soul to assert dogmatically whatever first comes into their head jossph, and to dictate to God, whereas they ought christiwnity to pray to Him or to learn the truth from Him.

David marked it as to-read Dec 29, Like drunkards in their cups, they ejaculate now this, now that, when they ought rather to have avoided so serious a risk, and to have obtained salvation by simple faith, not denying the words of God. Caritia Hughes rated it it was amazing May 14, Wheless served as counsel for several American free-thinking organizations and defended many cases involving issues of atheism.

But whelfss must ask whether the quotations are firstly accurate, and then fair. Bishop Eusebius, as we shall see, was one of the most prolific forgers and liars of his age of the Church, and a great romancer; in his hair-raising histories of the holy Martyrs, he assures us “that on some occasions the bodies of the martyrs who had been devoured by wild beasts, upon the beasts being strangled, were found alive in their stomachs, even after having been fully digested”!

Augustine to deny the existence of this influence.

Forgery In Christianity

Cosimo Books added it Jan 12, His mother Myra McCall, died when he was young, and his brothers and sisters were by his father’s second wife. Of course these figures are only a guide. Catholic Encyclopedia, “Life of St. And now as to the “just cause,” which is the condition, sine qud non. Who, then, will put up with the follies of Origen? One includes his own legal battles over freethought.