Jose Ortega y Gasset: The Dehumanization of Art and Other Essays on Art, Culture, and Literature (Paperback – Revised Ed.); Edition on Lately writers have defined post-modernism in various ways, but they share in common the belief that the age of modernist art is over and that a. No work of Spanish philosopher and essayist Jose Ortega y Gasset has been more frequently cited, admired, or criticized than his defense of modernism, “The .

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It would be a remarkable coincidence if, out of an infinity of possibilities, the ideas we have explored in this essay, should turn out to be the correct ones. It would be interesting to find out whether, in modern art, on turning the metaphor into substance and not ornament, the image has not acquired a curiously denigrating quality, which, instead dehumanizaiton ennobling and enhancing, diminishes and disparages poor reality.

Man and People Norton Library Paperback. If we compare a modem painting with one painted in, say,we can start by contrasting the objects represented dehumanisation both works — perhaps a man, a house, or a mountain.

Lists with This Book. When he writes, I believe today’s poet simply wishes to be a poet. No pueden aplicarse a todo el arte de vanguardia, pero hay que celebrar la confianza mostrada en la modernidad y en el formalismo. It tries to explore the unexplored and to depict the limits of the human imagination. Instead, he says that Goethe seems a frenetic person who could not find a vocation. The distaste of eehumanization reached far fo the borders of Nazi Germany.

One need not become too alarmed at this. It is not a matter of the majority of the public not liking the new work and the minority liking it. For him, this is the authentic sign that the Muses exist. ddehumanization


THE DEHUMANIZATION OF ART () Jose Ortega y Gasset | anthonyhowelljournal

Only the form of the artwork has remained, the message itself has however been separated from it. Ortega’s essays are brief, but deeply insightful. Debussy dehumanized music, and for that reason the dehumanlzation of modem music dates from him. Thinking of Napoleon, for example, we are normally concerned with the great man of that name.

This has become the black page in the history book of modernism, usually denied or written out of many rehumanization books post hoc. In the later dehumanizatiob, however, everything is the opposite: You are no thingyou are simply the person who has to live with things, among things, the person who has to live, not any life but a particular life. This has happened, for example, with the romantic and naturalistic novel and play.

This seems to imply a great enthusiasm for art. The problem was strictly aesthetic, yet I found the shortest road towards its solution started from a simple sociological phenomenon: At the beginning of the nineteenth century a group of German romantics led by the Schlegels proclaimed irony as the highest aesthetic category, and for reasons which coincide with the intentions of modern art.

They arouse secondary emotions which are specifically aesthetic.

It is not a case of painting something totally distinct from a man or a house or a mountain, but of painting a man with the least possible resemblance to man; a house which conserves only what is strictly necessary to reveal its metamorphosis; a cone which has miraculously emerged from what was formerly a mountain.


Some judgments are dated, but the reasoning is sound and inspiring. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Instead of laughing at any particular person or thing — there is no comedy without a victim — modern art ridicules art. In order to enjoy them we do not have to have artistic sensitivity. The mere repetition of a style blunts and wearies the senses.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. It is not an art for men in general, but for a very particular class of men, who may not be of more worth than the others, but who are apparently distinct.

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Life means the inexorable necessity of realizing the design for an existence which each one of us is. A work which does not invite this involvement leaves them without a role to play. Modern art is a universal fact.

Dehumanization of art – a little over my head as my understanding of art history is limited. Customers who drhumanization this item also viewed. Man and Crisis Norton Library. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Dehumanization of Art and Other Essays on Art, Culture and Literature

But the new art is not based on fellow-feeling. An innovatory style takes a certain time in winning popularity; it is not popular, but orgega is it unpopular. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Above all other movements Romanticism was the most popular. This is the latent connection uniting apparently incompatible forms of modern art: