Does anybody know any JoomFish tutorial? Pleaseee Please see JoomFish Wiki, available here: link: mambfish This tutorial shows how make your custom components work with Joomfish Joomfish is an extension for Joomla, that allows you to. This tutorial covers how to build a multi-lingual site with only the Joomla other multi-lingual content extensions such as Falang or Joomfish.

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Go to your site to see how it looks.

Use the Filter to search for language plugins. After completing the form.

Tutorial: migrate a multilingual site from Joom!Fish to WPML – Frédéric

The joomfish field tag is of the type “titletext”, which tells Joomfish two things: Here is a picture of what I have filled out for the French version. Then you’re able to futorial through the rows array in your view template file. Set the language for your home page. Bogdan Volkov – Creating forms for Joomla!

Notice what is translated and what is not. Metadata Pictured below These metadata definitions will override Global Configuration Metadata in Multilanguage configuration for each language used.

My cart Number of items in cart: Author, Email and Body text. There are situations when you need more than a simple Joomla! That would make that the base language, and you would then need to get a language pack for English if you wanted to make English the second language on the site. You can install the pack before you start or at any phase of the process.


Ep.9 – Create a multilanguage form in Joomla! with RSForm! Pro and Joom!Fish

Purpose I have a multilingual site managed by Joomla and Joom! Note the Language Code must be unique among all the languages. You’ll be able to see both translations on the same page which makes creation and joomfisb much easier. Sometimes the complete language distribution is included. When you return to the menu item manager the flag for the language will show this as the designated home page. Remove the categories prefixes During the migration, the categories have been prefixed to avoid duplicates.

This Title will also be used by the langswitcher module in front-end when flags are not used. However, Joomla has made some updates since last year, and so this is our update to that tutorial.

The Joomla! Forum™

This tutorial covers how to build a multi-lingual site with only the Joomla core. Once you’ve created jpomfish least the root categories, you can then create menus and menu items for each language.

Check that the current language displayed in the top bar is defined as the default one. Be sure the Status has a green check.

Any pages you create in this language should have a menu item on this menu, and the Language for the menu item should also be chosen as French. To get a definition of which fielstypes are available in Joomfish such as “titletext, “text”, so onread the Creation of Content Elements tutorial. Here’s an example using French: It is because the default permalink prevents the URL redirect.


Pro Akismet integration allows you to block potential spam submissions to your form.

Alternately you can put a check in the boxes and click the green Enable icon on the toolbar. Suppose you have created a subscription form to collect data from your subscribers: Create individual menus, menu items for each language.

Repeat this for any other languages you add. Fish Starting with RSForm! It can take a long time depending on the number of articles and images. Requirements You need three plugins to do this migration: Tutoeial Constant Contact Integration Constant Contact is an email marketing solution that allows you to send newsletters to your subscribers.

Double check that All is selected as the language. Joomfish is an extension for Joomla, that allows tutprial to manually translate all your Joomla content.

You can set the language selection for joomfish to always show the default language, or you can have Joomla try to detect the country from the browser settings and open with the correct language. The first 6 lines are just simple information to Joomfish. Open the menu for the base language English in this example Create joomfish menu item that links to the correct language root category. Each one needs it’s own menu and menu item.