May 20, In gentle rebuke to those who never saw the good side of a city, urbanist and commentator Kotkin (The New Geography, , etc.) looks at the. If humankind can be said to have a single greatest creation, it would be those places that represent the most eloquent expression of our species’s. The City has ratings and 49 reviews. Fredösphere said: This was enjoyable as a driving-around audio book. My interest is in civic design–what works.

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Also in Modern Library Chronicles. Talent retention for want of a better term — basically the observation that when the better part of society is either abandoning the city to live a more pleasant life elsewhere, or becoming ‘rentiers’ and earning their keep from simply renting out existing assets rather than thinking about how to value add and build new wealth, it’s a a bad sign.

Stats are cited without much explanation of their significance. The author also provides a chronological overview of how different cities emerged and later declined.

Kotkin has published reports on topics ranging from the future of class in global cities to the rise of growth corridors in the US economy. Por supuesto que el libro relata la historia y no se detiene en las causas profundas de cada una de las ciudades trabajadas pero hay numerosas notas y referencias para el lector que quiera profundizar en el Un libro ambicioso que cubre la historia de la Ciudad y el asentamiento urbano.

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The City: A Global History by Joel Kotkin

Published October 10th by Modern Library first published January 1st Instead of looking at the nitty gritty of cities, Kotkin instead takes a historical overview, looking at the macro factors that have caused cities to arise, led to their flourishing, and occasionally to their decline or fall.

He serves on the editorial board of the Orange County Register and writes a weekly column for that paper, and is a regular contributor to the Daily Beast. Topics Hea lth Care. As cities have themselves risen and fallen, from the time they have been vity, cities have been enduringly popular nevertheless, except in those ages were civilization fell to such an extent that there was no agricultural surplus for cities to feed on.


Mar 09, Khalil James rated it liked it Shelves: I think the book could have been so much more enriching with a more thorough discussion of This book was fity to me by one of my professors in college.

He could have also chose to adopt a thematic approach to better flesh out his thesis. To see what your friends thought coty this book, please sign up.

It’s a very short book overall, but one of the Modern Library Chronicles which are always laid out gorgeously. From their beginning, cities have been parasitic in a fashion, ruled by elites who have sought to combine elements of sacred space and commercial space while providing security, and at best cities have provided a home for the sort of cultured people who help make art possible as well as provide for trade and education and scientific development.

Jun 25, John Gurney rated it really liked it.

In The City, Kotkin takes us on a brisk and invigorating tour of cities from the Babylon of ancient times to the burgeoning exurbs of today.

This was true five thousand years ago, when cities represented a tiny portion of humanity, and in this century, the first in which the majority live in kotkiin.

A Global History to be a virtual encyclopedia of cities, packaged neatly in a compact book. It was interesting to listen and listen I did, on audio to the narrator describe the spread eve Very informative history of The City, from the first recorded city of Ur through the cities of each rhe country on each continent, and spreading to America — NY, Detroit, Chicago, etc.

In the end, while the author had put forth an interesting thesis about what causes successful cities to be successful, he perhaps failed to full substantiate it in this book. Hais War on the Dream: Susan Barnes-Gelt Denver Post. Pretty good, but not about cities in the way you’d imagine.


Joel Kotkin | City Journal

By these standards, contemporary cities fail miserably, and the author is quick to note the many ways they fail—by catering to a faddish elite, by failing to provide basic infrastructure for citizens or any sort of hope at good josl or safety, and by failing to provide any sort of spiritual core, which the author is only concerned exists in some fashion as he is not a believer in any meaningful sense.

R The author writes plainly, a style I enjoy.

Where these factors are present, urban culture flourishes. His conclusion was excellent on talking about ccity important it is to have a shared moral vision in cities in order for them to thrive. He lives in North Hollywood, California. I’ll just say it was a pleasure and it left me wanting more.


I actually only got through half of this one because it made me contemplate indications of the fall of America a all these other amazing cities had fallen and with the state of affairs i could not handle this doom and gloom. Harold Meyerson LA Weeekly. Jan 18, Zoe Elizabeth rated it it was ok.

Europeans who come here are delighted by our suburbs. In only pages, the book covers a very broad temporal and geographical scale: He writes a monthly… More about Joel Kotkin. Nov 28, Aaron rated it it was amazing Shelves: Not sure he proves these by the end.