Programming Erlang, Second Edition. Software for a Concurrent World. Joe Armstrong. The Pragmatic Bookshelf. Dallas, Texas • Raleigh, North Carolina. Concurrent Programming in ERLANG. Second Edition. Joe Armstrong. Robert Virding. Claes Wikström. Mike Williams. Ericsson. Telecommunications Systems . Programming Erlang has ratings and 34 reviews. David said: A book with big cons and big pros. I think it will be easiest if I simply list the cons an.

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The basic data types in Erlang are functions, atoms, numbers, lists, tuples, and strings which are actually lists of integer numbers. So there may be some chicken and egg effect there. A gem; a sensible, practical introduction to functional programming. Learn how to write programs that run on dozens or even hundreds of local and remote processors.

Erlang will change your view of the world, and of how you program. It is an excellent book. Interviewed by Seibel, Peter. Personally, it makes me feel like I am taking a stroll down the rabbit hole into the wonders of the Erlang world. Feb 04, Oleg Er,ang rated it it was amazing.

So what’s wrong with it?

Programming Erlang (2nd edition) by Joe Armstrong | The Pragmatic Bookshelf

The explanation is very clear without dumbing down the details. Published July 18th by Pragmatic Bookshelf first published July 11th It should be noted that I didn’t like the language much either and later chapters were tarnished by how annoyed I was by other things such as Erlang’s string handling.

Let’s start with the cons, all of which I attribute to editors asleep at the wheel or on crack: The chapters are packed with hands-on, real-world tutorial examples and insider tips and advice, and finish with exercises for both beginning and advanced users.


You Might Also Like. Programming Erlang, 2nd Edition 8 reviews. But i get the general idea how powerful Erlang really is.

I think this book would be a challenging introduction to the subject, as it does not spend much time explaining the armsfrong and practice. May 29, Russ Olsen rated it liked it. Invest in learning Erlang now. Finally, there are a number of appendices including a large reference listing of the standard Erlang modules and functions. Armstrojg Armstrong, creator of Erlang, introduces this powerful language in small steps, giving you a complete overview of Erlang and how to use it in common scenarios.

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Programming Erlang, 2nd Edition

The book shows a couple simple examples of distributed programming by way of illustration: Erlang takes a little etlang used to. There’s also coverage of rebar the de facto Erlang build systemand information on how to share and use Erlang projects on github, illustrated with examples from cowboy and bitcask.

He also doesn’t get any extra points for style.

This biographical article relating to a computer scientist is a stub. As others have mentioned before, it is a bit chaotic at times, with understanding coming only after reading future chapters and with a few mistakes here and there, but this is made up for by the depth of the material and the positive energy of the author present on every page. For example, ‘variables’ are in one of 2 states: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The first book you should read if you are learning Erlang.

This section is empty. I wish it was a little more concise and focused, and a bit more clear on where all the pieces fit together. Want to Read saving…. Source code Errata Releases. A multi-user game, web site, cloud application, or networked database can have thousands of users all interacting at the same time.


Programming Erlang

Since there is now an O’Reilly book called “Erlang Programming”, I’d suggest taking a look at it instead. Building Applications Chapter For example, a simple accumulator in Erlang might look as follows: It is well-structured and covers the programmig in an consise and joyful manner. I liked the way books is organised. Programming Erlang by Joe Armstrong. Sep 21, Vimal Earnest rated it it was amazing.

Very good introduction to Erlang, covers all the important basics. Fortunately, after reading through the Contents my fears has gone away. Jan 15, David rated it it was ok. While working at Ericsson inJoe Armstrong was one of the designers and implementers of Erlang.

Programming Erlang, 2nd Edition [Book]

This is used by the Erlang way of defining functions: Although I’m digging trough some interesting materials since October which surely deserve mentioning here, the book I want to write about today hijacked my time pritty well last month, making me read it from the cover to armstrkng in no time. See how to write robust applications that run even in the face of network and hardware failure, using the Erlang programming language. The book is laid out in a reader-hostile manner: Great introduction to a beautiful language.

Aug 23, Alvaro Tejada Galindo rated it it erang amazing Shelves: Nice book on Erlang language with some cool examples.