“Psychomagic, an art to heal” has been shot, help Jodorowsky finish the film in postproduction | Check out ‘PSYCHOMAGIC, AN ART TO HEAL’ on Indiegogo. Psychomagic is Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s practical method of shamanic psychotherapy, and can make incredible changes in. Psychomagic, an art that heals will be the most complete film on the therapeutic work of Alejandro Jodorowsky. It will show by means of real acts what.

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Psicomagia by Alejandro Jodorowsky

I remember that at thirty years old I did something fundamental: Some very strange things happened to me while reading this I literally had my head busted open! According to them, medicine is a science.

Jodorowsiy seemed like an epileptic seizure. Jodorowsky is a hoot! Aug 08, Jorge Portillo rated it it was amazing. Must redeem within 90 days. And then I told myself, ‘ These ideas are not me; they may end up being useful, but they are not me. His idea of the ‘panic party’ In his own words, “a warrior doesn’t leave footprints Naturally after reading it everything has changed for me.

Another I will be re-reading in the not-far future. Add to Cart Add to Cart. For a young man who complained that he lived only in his head and was unable to grab hold of reality and advance toward the financial autonomy he desired, Jodorowsky gave the prescription to paste two gold coins to the soles of his shoes so that all day he would be walking on gold.


Lists with This Book. However, my favorite part was the last, An Accelerated Course in Creativity.


The lesson for him was that if a tramp can fill his pockets with eyeballs, then they must be of no value, and thus the eyes of others should have no bearing on who you are and what you do. The first, that it compels me to laugh at myself, knowing that possibly only a year ago, I would have dismissed it out of hand for its ‘belligerently irrational’ premise. Every day I see neurotic cases, why would I want to read others?

This was a fascinating read. Some of my favorite bits from the book: While I try to solve extraordinary enigmas with these acts, I am satisfied with dealing with small, simple human problems. When my son Adan was six months old, he was ill with a very bad case of bronchitis.

Published November 1st by Random House Spanish first published Psycomagic can be jkdorowsky down to the power of symbolic action, of objects as unconscious language and of embodiment of new behaviors.

He’s too sick for me, and his neurosis can contaminate me. I found this format to be easy to follow because it breaks down all the topics discussed in the book in short form. Jan 08, Rommel rated it really liked it.


Psychomagic, an art that heals

Psychomagic presents the shamanic and genealogical principles Jodorowsky discovered to create a healing therapy that uses the powers of dreams, art, and theater to empower individuals to heal wounds that in some cases had traveled through jodoeowsky.

In this book J If you don’t know who Jodorowsky is, you may recognize the name from movies like “El Topo”, and “The Holy Mountain”, which are surreal, mystical, some may say crazy movies about humanity that debuted in the 60’s and 70’s.

Immediately, he calmed down. Paperbackpages.

The whole book was an interview that was recorded and then transcrived into a book. While the world is dying, I drink my coffee. The ways he suggests for opening up to your creativity are unlike anything I’ve heard before. If one eliminates the sacred trap with this artistic therapy, could a person cure another without faith?

Psychomagic is necessary reading for all who long to shock the world into awakening and jodorowsly of what has joorowsky been and what is still to come.