Dr. Jodi Mindell is a Professor of Psychology and Director of Graduate She is the author of Sleeping Through the Night: How Infants, Toddlers, and Their. Mar 28, Dr. Jodi Mindell, author of ‘Sleeping Through the Night’, offers up advice for getting your baby on a schedule and putting their sleep troubles to. Sleeping Through the Night has ratings and reviews. Sleeping Through the Night by Jodi A. Mindell Ph.D. is an informative read and good reference.

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Do I have no good words for this book? Would you like to tell us about a lower price? She does not suscribe to radical theories, though she does endorse some elements of the cry-it-out approach if other methods do not work. That’s late, especially for a little one who clearly needs more sleep. I’m so tired but nothing helps.

Yet waking her at 6 a. I’m just not that into parenting books, but I love knowing I’m getting all the helpful information possible to do right by my kids.

It was so hard to get him to fall asleep! It’s rather informative and quite interesting, and – as it is well written jovi a breeze to get through. Nov 21, Emily rated it it was ok.

In your bed and at night are not the only circumstances that allow for sex. Customers who bought this item also bought. They don’t serve any purpose in a book of this kind, except to give the illusion that the author is ‘experienced’ because she has either: Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. How do I get my son on a nap schedule? Dec 08, Jeanine Mills rated it liked it.


As this is a topic I have read and heard about before, I found myself skimming a bunch here; but I think these sorts of books are made to skim, with easily trackable topics.

Sleep Advice From Dr. Jodi Mindell

Does teething cause weird sleep cycles? Not every parent condones letting a baby cry themselves to sleep, but this book is a happy medium. By the editors of Parents. Although this book focuses more on how to approach your child’s sleep after the four-month mark less helpful with my two-month-oldI still found it useful and appreciated the author’s reasoned, practical approach.

Again, a few helpful hints here and there but nothing earth shattering. Lately, my month-old has been getting very angry about having to go to bed. It could be a number of things, but you should talk to your doctor to narrow it down.

Througg read this book when Braden was about months old. If you really want to make a change, you can wake him before you head to bed, around For my next baby I’m going to follow the author’s suggestions to establish good sleeping habits from day one. Not checking seems minsell prolong the process. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Gifting of the Kindle edition at the Kindle MatchBook price is not available. And, her daycare provider tells me that sometimes she won’t nap. I found that incredibly helpful at the time which I can barely remember due to sleep deprivation.

However the method didn’t work for me because I couldn’t apply it as described.

The next night, 5 minutes, and then every night since, complete silence when I leave her in her room. With her help my wife and I were able to hash out a game plan to work a more intentional sleep schedule into our household.


Getting back into a routine after a week and moving the baby to his own bedroom at 7 months old, we’ve encountered success and 6 hour stretches of sleep.

After waking up at 7 a. Throuyh the third night, crying was down to 10 minutes. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: So, let’s say, you have a newborn, you can skip all the stuff about toddlers; or if you have a night owl, you can skip the section on early risers. We used what we learned in this book for our younger two children, and they never had any trouble going to sleep and staying throuth.

Sleep Advice From Dr. Jodi Mindell

I love his book, Happiest Baby on the Block. I was already on the right track with a routine, a consistent environment, putting the baby to bed drowsy but awake, and by keeping the baby in her bedroom during middle of the night wakings. Mindell is a cry-it-out advocate. At what point should he be sleeping all night without having a bottle early in the morning? I highly recommend it to just about anyone who is looking for a practical and realistic method for sleep-training your babies.

This author gives great, grounded advice and guidelines, but realizes that every child is different and every family has different styles.

Mindell now provides tips and techniques, the answers to commonly asked questions, and case studies and quotes from parents who have successfully solved their children’s sleep problems.