Natural Stance Jeet Kune Do Combat Stance Displacement/Shuffle footwork Lateral footwork Gung Fu Coordination Drill Cross Punching Drill (using focus. The Rebel Wing Chun Focus Mitt Drills video has got you covered. From my advanced Rebel Wing Chun self-defense methodology, I created this video for those.

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So his lessons were not free, ever. Footwork involving wide, sweeping patterns from a low, static stance Jeet Kune Do footwork is light, quick and to the point with no telegraphic movement. You cannot learn just Jeet Kune Do and claim to have full knowledge of the fighting method!

We have found that students progress much faster when two or more are working for the same goal and helping each other. What is the definition of Jeet Kune Do? DVD’s are easy to understand and you work out at your own pace How many students have learned from the Videos Many many thousands of students have trained and learned with our ground breaking teaching methods. Extensive use of the horizontal fist for dripls Jeet Kune Do punching uses the vertical fist structure for greater efficiency and better centerline crills while striking.

In drillz words, even the press releases are fraudulent! I agree with with Diego, JKD is more than fighting without boundaries, styles and systems. I am sure that this lyric is in reference to the Way of the Intercepting Fist. I have trained with many Wing Chun instructors on several occasions and will continue to do so every chance that I get! Training with special equipment is also necessary. If we at the Hardcore Jeet Kune Do Chinese Gung Fu Association can be of assistance to you in any jkr, please feel free to contact us anytime by writing, calling or emailing us!


Rigid, classical blocking movements Jeet Kune Do prefers the stop hit, or stop kick, using a simultaneous parry if necessary. A sure way to lose a fight. Jeet Kune Do is about breaking down barriers, not creating new ones. A good fighting stance should be highly mobile and multi-functional, offering good defensive as well as offensive capabilities. dgills

What is Hardcore Jeet Kune Do?

In more advanced stages, the Jeet Kune Drill fighter simply intercepts the opponent’s movement with a powerful attack. Another important part of training and strategy in Jeet Kune Do is the five ways of attack.

Serious inquiries only, please! If you have properly honed your interception skills, this is where it should be all over for the opponent! Use of foreign terminology other than Chinese Except in the “concept” schools where terminology of jkkd other than Jeet Kune Do is used.

This book is essential in any martial artists collection.

This is using multiple rapid attacks as a means of using volume of attack to overcoming the opponent. You can visit Great Lion at http: This is fast and takes your opponent by surprise. When you are just a step away from being able to reach the opponent with your longest weapon, jke is referred to as being on the rim of the fighting measure.


If yes, who beat him? Jeet Kune Do Workouts Martial arts training is the workout in itself. Beware of the frauds!

Jeet Kune Do Skills and Workouts – MotleyHealth®

This intensity can be seen in the entering skill of the Jeet Kune Do fighter! Strength training can be accomplished through the use of isometrics, static contraction training, free weights, weight machines, plyometrics, power training, gymnastics and calisthenics.

Emphasis on grunting and bowing every time you turn around Jeet Drilld Do has a salute which is used before and after training, when a student enters class late and before and after a sparring match. Your partner does not need any skill other than to be there for the block and counters and jkv moves. Knowledge and skill in Jeet Kune Do can stay with you for a lifetime!