JIS K Test Methods for Flexible Polyurethane Foam. JIS K Flexible cellular polymeric materials – Determination of physical properties – Part 4: Compression set and fatigue characteristics. JIS K Flexible cellular polymeric materials – Determination of physical properties – Part 1: General rules.

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Tester control… Wednesday April 4th, Yasuda Jiis admin. The polymer polyol is not particularly limited, it is possible to use general polymer polyols as polyurethane foam molding.

Compression Test Jig for Foam Rubber Specimens

mis Rebound resilience polyurethane foam, the resonance frequency and the vibration magnification, the density of the polyurethane foam, closed cell content, cell size, they tend to depend on the hardness and the like. Hereinafter will be described in detail for each component constituting the polyurethane foam.

On the other hand, the seat pad for a vehicle, to determine the comfort of such comfortable feeling, is also jiss resilience requirements. The polyol ingredient comprises a polyol having a weight-average molecular weight of 4, and a weight-average molecular weight per functional group of 1,, in an amount of 65 parts by mass or larger per parts by mass of the polyol ingredient.

Effect of Urethane Foam Cushioning on Structure-Borne Sound Transfer by a Slab with Panel Flooring

This model was used to examine the contribution of the pores versus the elastic fibres to wave transmissions from the flooring surface to the slab. The content of the polymer polyol in the polyol component, the polyol relative to parts by weight of the component is preferably parts by weight, more preferably 10 to 35 mass parts.

The tester is especially suitable to evaluate compression strength of packaged cargo when it is lower loaded during its logistic process. The new tester meets the standards specified in the JIS K Hardness Test A and B requirements, in js to those of conventional hardness and deflection tests standards. This tester can also be used to check the strength of….


The pressure foot of ball joint type is used to cope with slant of the sample pressing surface. Although the content of the catalyst in the foaming stock solution is not particularly limited, the polyol component parts by jus, preferably 0.

It is to be noted that the cell diameter of the polyurethane foam, the actual measured five times or more that reflect the microscope is a value obtained by calculating an average value. Closed cell ratio of the closed cell content the polyurethane foam was measured by the method based on the Beckman method ASTM D Country of ref document: This is succeeding model of AF Series which had many jjs result to car j6400, seat manufacturers, raw materials manufacturers and public enterprises etc.

The number of functional groups of the specific polyol is not particularly limited, be one per molecule, it may be two or more. Foaming stock solution is further foam stabilizer, crosslinker, may contain a catalyst or the like. K66400 evaluation results are shown in Table 1. The content of the specific polyol in the polyol component is preferably 65 to parts by mass with respect to the polyol component parts by weight, more preferably parts by weight, more preferably 65 to 75 parts by weight.

Technical Data | INOAC

In this paper, we propose an analytical model for use in evaluating the performance of insulation against floor impact sound. Foam stabilizer, there can be used those commonly used as those for the polyurethane foam moldings, for example, various siloxane – can be used silicone-based foam stabilizer, such as polyether block copolymer.


Software for Series Systems. AF Series is Automatic Hardness Tester for flexible urethane foams to be used for cushion materials in such products as car seat, furniture, and bedding, and for other kind of plastic foam. JIS-S This tester is for evaluating the strength and durability of furniture such as chairs or stools. And finer 6k400 diameter, cell by giving viscous effects associated with out of the air, the higher the vibration absorption of the polyurethane foam.

De Gruyter – Sciendo. It was then removed from the mold, to obtain a polyurethane foam. Resilience polyurethane foam has a weight average molecular weight of the various polyol contained in the polyol component, depending on the length or the like of the molecular chain, for example, it tends to be higher the impact resilience is high molecular weight.

Wood Tension Fixtures Instron testing machines can follow ASTM D and find the strength parallel or perpendicular to the grain, internal bond strength, and cleavage strength for wood. Communicating agent Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. Wood’s k64000 use as load bearing beams in various construction applications requires stringent flexural testing.

Tosoh Corporation suitably used etc. Operation method is taken over former AF Series. Available for data communication with PC by Ethernet connection. By polyol component comprises a polymer polyol, water can be prevented from deterioration of impact resilience and hardness when jiis as blowing agents.