MVS and JES2 Commands. MVS Commands Cheat Sheet. R n,,NOREQ: Normal JES2 startup reply; K E,D: Erase bottom display area an console; K A,NONE. a “quick reference” to JES2 commands. Who This Book Is For. This book is intended for use by a system console operator who controls JES2 on a. Jobs 6 – 15 OS/VS2JCL. Operator’s Library: OSjVS2 MVS System Commands. Operator’s Library: OSjVS2 MVS JES2 Command. Language Reference Summary.

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Displays information about a job or a range of jobs under the operators jurisdiction. Causes the job currently printing on dev to single space after each print line to the end of the data set and ignore carriage control information supplied by the program.

If nnnn is a range of numbers, all jobs refeeence that range display. Where nnnn is the number of a job to cancel. The default class is A for printers and B for punches.

Table of Contents

Places job on hold. For problems or questions regarding this web contact Bob. The first operand identifies the printer or punch to backspace. Backspaces punch 1 five cards.

Displays jobs and Operators can route the print or punch output of a job under their jurisdiction to another remote or to the host computer. If a job is queued and on hold, the job remains queued and the system takes no action on the job.


Places a copy of the output currently printing on printer 1 in the print queue to create duplicate output. If the job is active, it completes its current activity and then the software purges it. A device in the drained state will not start until the operator starts it. Operators can use this command to prevent a job from skipping lines between data lines because of a programming error. After the device stops, the operator can restart it one of these ways:.

If you do not specify a number, the system backspaces the printer one page or one line. Sending commands to the host. The information on this site is the combined effort of a lot of people, please credit the authors if you use their information.

Table of Contents (exploded view)

Forward spaces the output to the end of the data set on printer 2. If another output device is available, the copy begins printing or punching concurrently.

Allows jobs routed to remote Rx to jrs2 at either Rx or Rywhichever is available first. Displays the status of devices at remote 4.

Substitute one of these values:. If nnnn is a single number, only job nnnn displays.

Adds forms to printer 1s work selection after the slash. If the operator specifies a job, the software flags it for purging. If the operator specifies a device, the software drains the device if it is inactive. Sets printer 1 to the standard form.


Syntax from Sam’s Reference Card. This command only affects jobs currently in the queue. They can reprint or repunch part of the output without restarting the entire job. Forward spaces the output six cards on punch 1.

z/OS JES2 publications

Where dev is the device. A job currently executing finishes execution and enters the print queue on hold. Use commas to separate operands when you specify more than one operand. JES2 commands limit job or device manipulation to the remote operators jurisdiction.

JES2 commands for RJE

For ysubstitute one of these parameters:. Where nnnn is a single job number to release that job or commannd range of job numbers to release a series of jobs from hold. To print a short job with a priority lower than or equal to the job currently printing, complete the following steps. For example, RD1 commanx reader 1 and PR2 is printer 2.

The output automatically backspaces one page or card to prevent data loss. Routes all job s output to remote 3. Operators can use this command when printer or punch malfunctions produce distorted output.