Operating procedure for JEOL F High Resolution Analytical SEM. I. Specimen preparation. There are several holders for different kinds of. JEOL JSMF FEG-SEM combines an electron column with semi-in-lens detectors and an in-the- lens Schottky field emission gun, delivering ultrahigh. Your JEOL Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope JSMF needs an active vibration isolation? We recommend Heavy Load Isolation Solutions.

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A semi in-lens SEM with high resolution. Locations Agricultural Research Council. Mesoporous silica GB in use specimen exposure energies: The incorporation of the Gentle Beam enables top-surface imaging of a specimen at very 7060f energies of several hundred eV.

Specifications SEI resolution 1. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Its new User Interface enables easy navigation through imaging and analyzing procedures. Central University of Technology. University of the Witwatersrand. Glossary of TEM Terms. University of Fort Hare. University of the Free State.

Tshwane University of Technology. The adoption of a 6700f Power Optics irradiation system delivers high-resolution, high-speed, high-accuracy element analysis.


University of Cape Town. Skip to main content.

JEOL 7600F Schotky field emission scanning electron microscope

The microscope integrates a semi in-lens system for high resolution imaging, heol an in-lens thermal electron gun, both of which are a culmination of JEOL’s expertise in imaging and analysis.

Installation Examples Installation Examples. Dr PA Olubambi Phone: University of South Africa. National Institute for Communicable Diseases. Durban University of Technology. It successfully combines ultra-high resolution imaging with optimized analytical functionality.

The JSMF is a state of-the-art thermal field emission gun scanning electron microscope. Cape Penninsula University of Technology.

Sefako Makgato Health Sciences University. For high magnification observation.

South African Astronomical Observatory. It incorporates a large specimen chamber.

JEOL JSMF | Forums | Questions | Discussions | Help | LabWrench

High Power Optics delivers high-speed, high-precision analysis High Power Optics are adopted for the optical system, providing not only high-resolution imaging, but also stably delivering high-speed, high-precision analysis, including element analysis. University of the Western Cape. Paper filter GB in use spacimen exposure energies: In GB mode a bias voltage is applied to the specimen while the electron beam is emitted, allowing top-surface imaging with only several hundred eV of incident electron, making it possible to obtain high resolution images of samples that have been difficult to observe until now.


Semi-in-lens provides high-resolution observation and analysis High resolution observation and high spatial resolution analysis is achieved through the combination of a semi-in-lens type objective lens that can collimate the electron beam even at low accelerating voltages, and the in-lens Schottky electron source that provides a stable current over 77600f long service life.

Centre for Proteomics and Genomics Research. Gentle Beam GB provides top-surface imaging with ultra-low energy incident 760f A Gentle Beam GB mode with better resolution than the normal mode is available. Vaal University of Technology.