Contents In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities 1 Or, The End of the Social 65 The Implosion of Meaning in the Media 95 Our Theater of Cruelty The whole . In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities (Semiotext(e) / Foreign Agents) [Jean Baudrillard, Paul Foss, John Johnston, Paul Patton, Stuart Kendall, Sylvère Lotringer. In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities has ratings and 15 reviews. فرشاد said : در این کتاب توضیح داده می‌شود که چگونه در عصر جدید، امر اجتماعی به وان.

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The “peasant masses” of old were not in fact masses: Now what becomes of the rationality of the social, of the contract and of the social relation if the social, instead of appearing as original struc- ture, appears as refuse, and refuses processing? The end of revolutionary convictions. It is on these remainders that the social machine starts up again and finds sup- port for a new extension. For every question put to it, it sends back a tautological and circular response. To want to specify the term “mass” is a mistake — it is to provide meaning for that which has none.

Every effort to make an object of it, to treat and analyse it as brute matter, according to objective laws, runs head on into the contrary fact that it is impossible to manipulate the masses in any determinate way, or to understand them in terms of elements, relations, structures and wholes. What it asks of its leaders is to be fathered and secured just enough, with a lit- tle daily dose of imaginary danger.

Baudrillard, your anger and desperation make me nervous and sometimes I don’t know how to live like a radical thinker-critic would. Published one year after Forget Foucault, In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities may be the most important sociopolitical manifesto of the twentieth century: In its deadly and indiscriminate taking of hostages, terrorism strikes at precisely the most characteristic product of the whole system: In fact, contrary to what one might believe that the social has definitely won, that its movement is irreversible, that consensus upon the social is totalresistance to the social in all its forms has progressed even more rapidly than the social.

The social can only be defined from this panoptic point of view. Deterrence of all real poten- In this event, we are really even deeper in the social, even deeper in pure excrement, in the fan- To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities

It consists in their silence, in their capacity to oof sorb and neutralise, already superior to any power acting upon them. In a media society meaning has no meaning anymore; communication merely communicates itself. A revolution of the same order comes into play with the taking into consideration of the masses. All the great schemas of reason have suf- fered the same fate.

To that, terrorism responds by an equally hyper-real act equally caught up from the onset in concentric waves of media and of fascination.

Here there is a sort of law which has nothing to do with bourgeois ethics. For a long time, never- theless, a balance came into play between the proper sphere of the political and the forces reflected in it: You do not currently have access to this article.

This page was last edited on 23 Januaryat In this regard it has an affinity with the masses, who are the only non-representable reality. When everything, including the social, becomes use value, it is a world become inert, where the reverse of what Marx dreamed occurs. Book ratings by Goodreads.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. For us today, implosion can only be violent and catastrophic because it comes from the failure of the system of sjadow and of organised expansion which has predominated in the West now for a few centuries.

Rather, the masses function as a gigantic black hole which inexorably inflects, bends and distorts all energy and light radiation approaching it: JB exploring the failure of the politically motivated to affect ‘the masses’ one way or another. It is to believe that the German government’s strategy attains perfection in a single blow: It is still this rage for meaning which makes us, with the best will in the world, treat them like idiots incapable of going all the way and blowing up the airplane and the passengers, which makes us want them not to have “won.

It is interrogated by converging waves, by light or linguistic stimuli, exactly like distant stars or nuclei bom- barded w T ith particles in bauxrillard cyclotron. To the tautology of the system the masses have responded with ambivalence; to dissuasion they have responded with disaffection, and an always enigmatic belief. This is, to maintain a contrario the principle of use value, to save the reality prin- ciple by the roundabout but objective route of wastefulness.

Sirius Black rated it liked it Nov 18, It is without conscience and without unconscious. What they refuse is transcendence; the uncertainty, the difference, the waiting, the asceticism which constitute the sublime exaction of religion.


Every effort to make a subject ,ajorities it real or mythical runs head on into the glaring impossibility of an autonomous change in con- sciousness. What contempt behind this interpretation!

There is no desire for fascism and for power any more than there is for revolution. No analysis would know how to contain this diffuse, decentered. Or, the End of the Social security space helping everywhere to relieve the difficulties of living, providing everywhere for the quality of life, like comprehensive insurance, the equivalent of thr wasted life; a degraded form of lubricating, insuring, passifying and permis- sive sociality; the lowest form of social energy: Then the machine stops, the dynamic is reversed, and it is the whole social system which becomes residue.

Here, revolution in relation to the devices of classical sociality of which elec- tions, institutions, the instances of representa- tion, and even of repression, still form a part is complete: This silence is unbearable.

Whence prediction by resonance, the effects of forecasting and of an il- lusory mass outlook: Besides, it will be noticed retrospectively that the concepts “class,” “social relations,” “power,” “status,” “institution” — and “social” itself — all those too explicit concepts which ths the glory of the legitimate sciences, have also 4 In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities only ever been muddled notions themselves, but notions upon which agreement has never- theless been reached for mysterious ends: Fascination is their law, and their specific violence, a massive violence denying communi- cation by meaning in favour of another mode of communication.

By using majoritkes site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It alone betrays this reality of a violent implosion of all our systems of representation.

In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities – Wikipedia

He will never accept it. All surplus is capable of ruining the system of equivalences, if it is disproportionately poured back into it, and of driving our mental system of equivalences to despair at the same time. The social, if it existed with second-order simulacra, no longer even has the opportunity to be produced with third-order ones: This system of equivalences is not necessarily