JBL C Cinema Loudspeaker System. This model has been discontinued. We are providing this page as reference material. Some accessory items may still . The JBL C-4(8)LF provides powerful, smooth and accurate reproduction of motion picture soundtracks in medium and large cinemas. The system is. We sell used & new C Drivers and Horns by JBL. Select from the best prices and availability in the world.

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I would absolutely use those in a home HiFi setting. Originally Posted by rlsound. No, create an account now. Are these worth buying for a 25′ x 29′ room? For the larger exhibition environment. Some accessory items may still be available.

We are providing this page as reference material. You might need to order the horn mounting bracket for the top of thebut I’ll bet you’ll be able to pull it off for less than your dealer is asking. I think those would make excellent home hi-fi speakers. The 2″ horn throat also sacrifices high frequency directivity to play down to the mid frequencies.

I would get the over the in a heartbeat.

Plan on crossing a sub woofer over around Hz and down for best results. Thanks for your consideration, and any thoughts you may have to share. Comparing c to consumer “hi-fi” speakers?


I’d also be looking at the Danleys. Similar Threads No mention of the new or ?

Cinema Sound Series

If you are interested in going the route, I would get the 8 ohm box instead of the 4. I agree; however, I have yet to find anywhere with a pair of to listen to.

They will need some HF boost, or super tweeters for the best results. The C-4LF 4 ohms and C-8LF 8 ohms are designed for biamplified applications, where an external electronic crossover or cinema processor is used in conjunction with separate amplifiers for the high and low frequency sections.

JBL for home use | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

Power Hbl Continuous Pink Noise: Lastly, the bass cabinets, even with the size, are 46755c tuned to take you down to 20 hz. The 8 ohm version is the only version that is THX certified for cinema use. I ran a pair in my living room for a while and though they have a very low WAF, she loved the sound they produced.

The standard JBL crossovers for them included that. The A horns with drivers will effortlessly fill the space with a “Where is that coming from? People seem to be hell bent on getting rid of them, for a very modest price.

If we knew what the hell we were doing, we wouldn’t call it research would we. By kenratboy in forum Lansing Product General Information. I believe the bassbins here are the s and though they don’t go as low as a subwoofer they do 40hz with great jbp and low distortion–I think they make very good bass.


They will be extremely dynamic! High performance cinema systems for all room sizes.

JBL 4675 for home use

Or if you have an active xover, run them that way. All times are GMT Here is a link from my thread: Now common wisdom is you shouldn’t EQ vented woofer enclosures lest they “run away” with themselves but with s it was no sweat.

But it’s worth considering.

These JBL Cinema Sound Systems are designed for biamplified applications as well as systems with built-in passive crossover networks. Originally Posted by jerv. Share This Page Tweet. Originally Posted by JBL This helps in maintaining a smooth transition between the low and high frequency devices in the crossover region producing, jb other things, accurate reproduction of dialog throughout the entire listening area.