There’s lots of people on the internets with jaycar speedo corrector but approx v coming out at the speed sensor side of the corrector. Just got my car back after having some electrical issues fixed but while they were at it had a jaycar kit installed as the car has a diff in it. Hi I have got a hold of this speedometer corrector kit. search?text=AA&CSRFToken=9ed7bed

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Be the first to know about our newest products, specials and promotions: I hope you haven’t damage the Jaycar unit From what I can find the speedo signal wire is the grey wire. Using dorrector two switches in combination allows the speed reading to be altered by as much as 99 per cent — or as little as 1 per cent.

Call our Techstore on Have you checked the microcontroller itself has power? After having a play moving the 2 dials I can’t get the speed to adjust at all.

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Ignore the small red wire I had to mod the board slightly because I wasn’t using it quite as intended. To set the speedo you will need an accurate reference. You’ve been a great help thanks Wilbo I tried to get an older kit, but no luck thanks to your help I am now pretty sure I did the install right, and have done one of the self build jaycar kits a while ago with no dramas at all.


Another thing that is a bit concerning is that the Jaycar manual for that speedo adjuster says 8V2 which means 8. This function is enabled during set-up. We do not automatically insure unless you specify it during the checkout. Speedo Corrector Get your electronic speedo reading accurately! Contact the Techstore should you require more details. One of the best electronic car modification tricks you ever saw DIY Tech Features – 15 October, Pots aren’t just variable resistors.

Spent a fair bit of time today trying to get it to go, including checking contacts on PCB etc Additional delivery time may result for some deliveries.

My memory and knowledge of xX9xx isn’t the best to be honest, but I also recall something about them having a setup where the dash got the speed signal from the ABS unit, or something a little different? Its clear to see why they have become corfector popular in todays society.

Click on pics to view larger images.

Australian 4WD Action | Forum

Did you enjoy this article? This product is discontinued. Are you using the factory dash for that car? Results 1 to 7 of 7.

This may sound stupid but bare with me. Its rated to a 50V input voltage anyway, assuming you have a speedo corrector mkii http: Just make sure that you have an assistant to do the adjusting as you drive! Now going much faster with TypeR power.

Speedo Corrector MkII Kit | Jaycar Electronics

Ah well, will have to keep looking at the gps, no biggie lol. And everything in between! There goes that idea. So now I really am thinking these new kits work on variable voltage and not pulses. What car do you have?



Special Features – 7 June, The speedo should work, just not be accurate perhaps your Jaycar adjuster ins’t working? Tracking-back what was allegedly the input, it wasn’t connecting as per the circuit diagram. It’s been approximately 17 years since I did anything to do with electronics Additional delivery time may result for some deliveries.

The speed reading can be altered in 1 per cent increments. BB code is On.


So I’ve been trying to trigger off a dead signal from the speedo ie. Try connecting it to the light blue wire instead of the grey wire. In the vast majority of cars little set-up will be needed — the corrector will mostly work out for itself what jagcar is required to suit both the speedo sensor and the speedo. They didn’t design it so they probably don’t know how to fix it, the Jaycar design correcfor taken from a Tech magazine.

In case it’s of any assistance to anyone I’ve wired it up to ignition and used the grey wire for the signal but it’s not working at all.