Philosopher Jawdat Said, little known in the West, has been propagating a vision of Islam free of violence for the past 40 years. His books have. In Brief. Jawdat Said is an influential cleric and an advocate of non-violence. He has had a great influence over demonstrators in many areas. Jawdat Said is a prominent contemporary Islamic scholar noted for his theory of nonviolence. Born in Syria’s Golan Heights, Said was educated at al-Azhar.

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Said sees this is a clear indication that the practice of violence is incompatible with the core faith of the Koran.

Islam and the Question of Violence. Interfaith initiatives from Morocco to Jerusalem Dialogue by design. It was written by Jawdat Said, born in Syria inwho moved to Egypt at a young age to study the Arabic language at Azhar University. One of them, Adel al-Tal, wrote a book in in which he accused Said of being a “materialist in an Jawat disguise. Last year in Dariyah, activists handed out water and roses to the soldiers sent to suppress jaawdat protests.

Preaching Nonviolence, Syrian Activist Heads Home

Jordan and the influx of refugees The true Samaritans. Yet, after technology made it possible for us to see smaller forms of life and medicine brought us a better understanding of germs, communities became better equipped to halt disease and heal the sufferers.

Everyone else has moved to the military wing. The First change is a result of the second, God will not change until the people change first.

The Role of Ulama and Fuqaha scholars in Islam. Sunday, February 3, In an interview with Ahmad Hissou, he calls for a religious reform of Islam, which he considers even more important than political reforms. May 31, The language of migrants Being a stranger in a second language. The book appeared in the mids, before the emergence of the Ikhwan trend in Syria and the incidents of violence and widespread arrests among activists. Islam and Honor Killings. He was also closely connected to the Islamic movement of that period.


Islam and democracy The practice—and the theory.

Said points out that the various different interpretations of the text of the Koran presented a challenge even for the early followers of the Prophet Mohammad. Influences Muhammad Iqbal ; Malek Bennabi. What these philosophers have in common is an emphasis on reformation within Islamic societies.

Jawdat Said and Islam as a Violence-Free Religion – Ikhwanweb

Dossier Reformist Islam What possibilities does Islam offer for the reform and democratisation of modern Muslim societies?

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November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Most Recent Photo Essay. This representative will do nothing but create trouble and spill blood. Instead, practical aspects should be discussed in ssid effort to reach a satisfying conclusion. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be jawdag immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.

Please help by adding reliable sources. In the footsteps of Jesus Jesus, born a Jew, spent his days in the region now known as Israel. Supporting his view with approaches from the Islamic tradition, Said thus paves the way for a new interpretation of the Koran that no longer emphasizes the analysis of the sacred texts but rather places human experience in the forefront.

In submitting this comment, the reader accepts the following terms and conditions: He is little known in the West, but remains an influential teacher, according to activists in Damascus.

Said thus concludes that this is a part of the divine revelation: He’s heard reports from members of his family in Damascus who say they can count the security men monitoring his street.

Even then, Said warned against the negative effects of the violence being carried out by the Islamic movement in Egypt, and wrote his book as a direct response to the writings of Sayyid Qutb, who died in and is considered the father of militant Islam. This representative will do nothing but create trouble and saod blood. If they don’t arrest him ssid are damned.


But, he adds, ” ‘Long Sakd the Free Syrian Army,’ is what people are chanting in a nonviolent protest. This was in response to some rejection raised on the idea claiming that non-violence contradicts with jihad in the sense of fightingIt is proven that the Jaadat Mohammed had exercised during his jawdzt.

Sheik Jawdat Said is an year-old Islamic scholar whose books and teachings helped inspire young Syrian activists to challenge the regime in peaceful protests last year.

Jawdat Said

He was also closely connected to the Islamic movement of that period. It is a problem of a society, the problem of a lost generation replete with illusions.

What we condemned is either Science Knowledge so that we must accept or ignorance so we reject. Repression against journalists A world of Khashoggis.

Who’s who: Jawdat Said – The Syrian Observer

A profile by Bashar Humeid Facebook. His son, Bshir Said, 35, is also returning home with his father. He immediately felt that Malik had something different, soon he had the opportunity to meet him personally before leaving Egypt for good. Jaweat influenced the “peace wing,” says Azm.

At the time, the writings of Jawdat Said became increasingly popular in Islamic activist circles. For this reason, Said’s interpretations were sharply attacked by conservative thinkers. If a country now is devastated by an epidemic, we blame it on the lack of sufficient hygiene.